Well it’s getting to the end of the year again which means party season is almost with us. Instead of the boring festive parties, why not end the year on a high and host a fashion themed party. Whether it be pretending to go to the casino or even revisiting the 1990s, there’s lots of fun to be had, so here are our five favourite ideas to get your party started.


This decade has been a big inspiration for the high street this year so why not embrace the trend fully and dress up in some real period wear. The key to this party is attention to detail so be sure you serve 1920s themed drinks and play card games that your gran would have played. You could copy Colleen Moore’s style, who we all have to thank for the bob haircut and dress up as a flapper girl. Or you could dress as Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel who brought us the little black jess and costume jewellery. If you want more entertainment, you could even turn the party into a Great Gatsby, Bugsy Malone or Mad Men theme.

Casino night

No themed party says glamour quite like a casino party. Make sure you let your guests know that the dress code is really fancy and get them to turn out in their finest wares. But instead of playing with a traditional wheel for fake money, why not give it a modern twist and ask your guests to bring their tablets and play along with real life casino games on the Betway website. You could set up different tables for the website’s different Blackjack, Roulette and Slot games and maybe even win some money, as a UK player won big recently at Betway casino. Of course, you don’t have to look like extras from Goodfellas to enjoy the look, as plenty of Mediterranean gaming hotspots lend themselves to a more summery fashion theme.


If you really want to inject some colour into your party, then a 1960s party is the theme for you. Whether you want to dress stylishly cool like Twiggy or embrace the crazy patterns seen on people like Cher, this style can be a lot of fun. Just try and get the men to make as much of an effort so you don’t end up with a room of Austin Powers. Remember that the 1960s was about extremes whether it be the mod bob cut, or even the full-on flower-power hippy look.

Summer Holiday

It might be freezing outside but turn up the heating and relive the memories of your summer holiday this year. After spending so much money food, entertainment and games on your  holiday this year, it seems a shame not to see it again until next summer at the earliest. Instead pour some glamorous cocktails with little umbrellas in and turn the clock back 5 or 6 months. Just make sure you bring a that hustler-chic warm coat for the taxi home as well.


Sometimes the best fashion themes are the ones you’ve got firsthand experience of, so if you’re not too squeamish why not revisit your bad fashion choices of the 90s. Get the men to dig out their tie-dye t-shirts, block colour shirts, dark denim jeans and recreate Matt Damon’s dodgy hairdo from 1998 poker movie Rounders. For the women, dig out those mini-skirts and crop tops and recreate those dodgy photos you’ve kept hidden away. Some things like ripped jeans and metallic colours are even coming back into fashion already. 


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