There is nothing quite like waking up to sunshine and sea. 

We are onto day three now and its almost time for my Sister, Niece and Rhiannon to join us. 

We spent the last of our alone day doing what we do best – bronzing.

We woke up nice and early at 10am (well we were on holiday after all) in hope that we could snatch a lounger that went out to sea.




10am just wasn’t early enough. But we managed to grab a few right at the beginning.

I stripped off, down to my Venice Beach bikini from Swimwear 365.

I always try to switch up my swimwear for the best tan. 

Halter neck one day – strapless the next.

Like this Bruno Banani or this triangle shaped Jette one.

After a good four hours of lazing in the 30 degree sun we decided to head up for some lunch. 

We lunched at the outdoor restaurant. 

The view was better than the food though.

But not better than the cocktails.

Lunch done, and still both feeling rather worse for wear from the Disco the night beforewe headed back for more sun.

Just look at how clear the sea is.

^ The mandatory holiday top knot – perfect to wake up and get out.

Come dinner time, the waiters from Lunch had invited us back for an alicart meal – which we could not turn down. 

The evenings were lovely, a little chilly but not chilly enough to stop you from outside dinning.

We were sat away from the rest of the diners, and set up under the palm trees. 

A table for two, 

set up beautifully with hand picked flowers.

Myself and my date sat down for the evening…

Jenny went in on the wine. 

I couldn’t quite keep up and stuck with a Fanta.

There were three options to choose from, which I cannot remember. 

I went for Chicken Fajitas (beef was also an option)

The layout was beautiful. A lovely difference from the all inclusive food in the main restaurant.

We dined for hours

And then headed down to the beach for a stroll



We pranced around bare foot until it was time for the DISCO!

Which we had all to ourselves yet again.

Pretty- of the menu mojitos were waiting for us…

And after a few too many again, we went off to bed, swishing our dresses all the way home.


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