Location: Marmaris, Turkey

Passport found just as we were about to leave for the airport. 

We headed to Gatwick for our 5am flight to Dalaman

After a quick stop off for a large glass of wine it was time to say goodbye to the boyfriend for a week

A hundred kisses and squeezes later…

We were off, flying with Monarch    

Jenny’s start of the holiday didn’t begin too well, with her dropping her iPhone down the toilet at the airport. 

We did ask Nando’s if they had some dried rice we could buy but she was all out of luck.

So she instantly took a nap whilst I watched the skyline come to life

We arrived to our hotel Grand Yazici Mares later than planned and the sun was disappearing behind the mountains. 

With the hotel being so large we took a walk around and headed straight to the beach to see what it was like.

We headed back to our hotel room and took an over due and not planned nap, before getting ready for our first evening in Turkey.

Over the next few posts from Turkey you can expect to see these sandals ALOT. 

They came in so handy, easy to pack, light weight, great colour and easy to slip one 

(Obviously not as easy as sliders but you get what I mean).

Unfortunately (maybe not for some) the only place you could get wi-fi was in the main lobby. 

After dinner we decided to chill for a while, we were still very tired from travelling. 

I honestly don’t know how people travel for work.

Sat having a chat and the staff (who adored Jenny, they thought she was Turkish because of her Ombré hair) brought her over some flowers, picked straight from the gardens. 

Awkward or not, we put them to good use…

With a quick photo opportunity before we went to back to bed.


If you think being stared at in the UK with distressed jeans on is bad, then brace yourselves for the looks you will get abroad. 

Even a waiter a few nights after remembered me for my jeans!

We felt so much better the next day. 

Ready for a day in the sunshine. 

We woke up, made it in time for breakfast with a couple of minuets to spare, 

and headed to the hotels private beach…

We didn’t wake up early enough to catch a lounger that went out to sea. 

Instead we lay by the edge of the water (and right by the bar)

Every now and then we got a little sun-restless and took ourselves in for a dip. 

I think its important to own a really great black triangle shaped bikini this Sparkling Jette bikini was from Swimwear 365 

The sea was crystal clear. Which is what I love about Turkey. 

It really can be a spot of paradise if you go to the right part. 

If you stood still for long enough little fishes would swim around your feet.

Jenny loves her bright colours.

With our bodies dripped in sea salt we headed back to our loungers

With a Marmaris and Sunrise cocktail in hand

As the day got later we kept our eyes peeled for people leaving the pier so we could snatch their sunbeds and get the last little bit of the beaming sunshine… 

Lucky enough we found some…

We sat..

And lay…

Until I unluckily enough got stung by a wasp. 

Jenny’s laughter about the situation was uncontrollable. Between me jumping up and screaming and her laughing out loud, all eyes were on us.

So I jumped in for a swim to stop the sting of the bite, and it worked. 

There were ladders all along the pier so when I wanted to get out I didn’t have to swim to far.

Back to my sugary Sunrise

It soon enough became 5pm and the sun disappeared behind the mountain tops, but we wasn’t ready to leave. As other holiday makers began packing up, I changed into my . 

And we sat, sipping our cocktails and listening to the sea and the dolphins that were a few metres away.

And Jenny threw on a kimono dress

And eventually decided to head up to the pool area.

After another photo session (it was our first day and we were so excited with the views) we made it to the pool where the sun was just slightly peeking over the tops of the forest mountains.

I couldn’t contain my excitement to test out my waterproof camera case

It was terrifying. And each day I used it, I was more worried because it had been used and worn. 

Everything was fine, and we had so much fun. Just make sure you always test it before you use it. 

We tried some underwater shots (Obviously)

And Jenny lost her head

Then it was my turn 

After that we made some splashes 

And tried our best mermaid poses

Jenny – not so much. She failed, hugely!

But it was all laughs and giggles. 

Im sure we were the loudest people around the pool, echoing the area with laughter as we looked back at our failed underwater photo attempts.

Now brace yourself for some of the funniest photos yet. 

Ever time I have looked at these, I have laughed!

We did practice our underwater faces for the rest of the holiday.

I mean who can smile, and show teeth underwater but not open there eyes

And as for me I don’t know why I puff up my cheeks when I can hold my breath without doing that. 

You really do learn more about yourself with one of these bad boys.

We stayed and played literally until the pool closed

And got ready for dinner and ‘disco’

I wore a suede top with suede wrap skirt in a lovely shade of dusty pink.

The hotels disco wasn’t a huge success. 

We were the only people in there, but we sure did make the most out of it

Being all inclusive you usually have a set menu of drinks, tequila and mojito’s were off the menu. 

But not for us – winning at alcohol!

After too many shots and too many mojito’s 

Jenny wormed her way behind the bar and made some drinks and shots of her own

And the night ended there. 

A green shot down and uncountable amounts of laughter tears later. 

We headed home and slept so well, looking forward to breakfast the next morning. 


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