The Eden project in Cornwall is our Kew Gardens of London, only larger, greener, waterfalls and amazing height views. 

A must see if you are visiting Cornwall.

We woke packed and ready to leave our luxurious Natural Retreats Villa (currently 20% off you 2016 stay).

We were so sad to be leaving so soon.

I personally recommend visiting for at least five nights.

Comfy clothes are a must. 

Ive picked out some really lovely cardi’s below.

You can catch us cooking up a storm for breakfast in the video that will be going live this weekend. 

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Until then we packed up the car and headed to our last event of the trip…

The Eden project began as a huge clay pit, now showcasing the World’s most important plants. The before and after pictures are incredible.

The eden project is £25 entry, but you can usually get some discount from your hotel etc.

We climbed down into the pit towards the largest indoor Rain Forest in the World.

The Rainforest has over 1,000 varieties of plants

You could feel the tropical heat as you walk through the Tropical Islands, Southeast Asia, West Africa and Tropical South America.

We walked through as enormous trees towered over us

Little scenarios are placed in each ‘country’, showing you food, lifestyles and how people live.

As we went through Tropical South America, we found these waddling across the path

We were able to get so close, they had no fear at all

West Africa taught us all about cotton

An hour in and we came across the waterfall crashing through South America’s Rainforest. 

I have a huge awe for waterfalls. Its my dream to stand underneath/behind a real one.

The heat was beautiful

We spotted the Canopy Walkway up in the sky and decided to give it a go. 

The walk way rocked side to side as we tip-toed across. 

A little frightening. But the views were amazing.

A walk above the tree tops

We then passed through the trees that hung with bananas. 

And stopped off for a real banana smoothie

Over an hour later we were out of the rain forest and in the Mediterranean.

A huge indoor garden with the heat of the Med. 

We almost forgot we were still in England. 

With over 1,000 varieties of plants.

We went through the Med, South Africa and California.

And last but not least, 

before we left we were able to see the Raindears,

Spreading Christmas spirit.

The Eden project always have things going on. So make sure you check out their website before to see what to do. You can Zip Line, Ice Skate and eat. The events vary from time to time.

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