When the girls and me go away we always have to look for a room thats big enough to put up with us all. 

I was so pleased to come across the party room in Brighton that sleeps six


We arrived in Brighton just in time for Dinner.


So we headed below deck, to our room and put our bags down.

We entered the bunk bed filled room to music playing softly from the corner and quickly chose whose bed was whose.

Four bunk beds sit tucked/hanging on the back walls

And behind glass sliding doors hid a large double bedroom

An instant feel for the decor

as though we had gone back in time



Snacks, nibbles and alcohol are all covered.

With the best selection from drinks and sweets.


The bathroom has the option of a luxurious bath or a shower.

Which is perfect for a room of six.

One can shower the other can bath…




In our case,

Jenny soaked as I snapped away!

We ate and then lounged around for a while until it was time to get ready to party

Once one bottle opened there was no stopping us

We slowly went through countless bottles of prosecco

And cake.

It was Jenny Birthday after all.

And there no better cake than a caterpillar cake, right?





It was a Sunday night out in Brighton, after asking on Twitter we chose to go to Vodka Revs.

If your a fan of R&B music you’ll love it as much as we did.

About 2am we headed to the usual spot; Buddies.

A 24 hour cafe and bar right on the seafront.

Just what every town needs!

A few hours later,

it was time again for more food.


Sat on tables that were made from wood from the Brighton Pier.

The bright, calm room certainly made us feel a lot better from the night before.


Breakfast was wonderful and served until 11am.

Along with a hot drink and juice.




We headed back to the room to get ready to head home.

This time I hogged the bath.



And what better way to hide a hangover than with a hat…



And after a tour around the two joined buildings and up and down the four floors,

we said goodbye to Brighton, again…


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Wheres your favourite place to go in Brighton?





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