I don’t think I could layer on anymore chunky items if I tried. 

Not to forget the layer underneath the jumper either.



Stay skinny on the bottom. 

If you’re going to pile on all of these layers on top, make sure you keep the bottom half tight. 

That way your figure can be shown off.

Ive chosen some of my favourite leather trousers on the high street. 

(Most of the are on sale)

Choose a short coat. 

Don’t drown yourself in a floor length or mid length jacket. 

Especially if you can’t even see your neck.

Aviator style coats are perfect because they are so warm but stylish at the same time.

Try to wear heels. 

I know it can be difficult to wear heels during the day. But even if its a pair of boots. 

Wearing flat shoes will make you look stumpy. 

The heels will add a more elegant look to the chunky outfit.

Wear a cross body bag. 

This will tug at your waist and give you some shape across your chest.

It also makes it look very casual. 

Most importantly. 

Choose the right jumper. 

A good chunky knit, a light colour and with a little detail like the lace up on this Missguided one. 

Ive picked out some really nice ones below; 

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