Whether Im in the most romantic City in the world or the hottest. 

When you find yourself in a beautiful Hotel room, your head resting on a cloud of pillows and your tucked up in feathered duvets. Sometimes the right thing to do, is absolutely nothing…

On mine and my Mummas second day in Paris, we were set for a day of exploring, but the weather and my choice of footwear said otherwise.

We started the day by heading down to the rose filled bar area of Mon Hotel, for breakfast.

As always (unless you request something else) a continental buffet was set up along the bar.

Orange juice, hot chocolate, baguette with ham and a croissant on the side for me.

We were the only people that were sat for breakfast, I guess room service is popular! But I always like to check out what the hotel has to offer in terms of dining.

Mon Hotel’s bar is a dark filled room with low lighting hanging over each table with white and red roses decoratively placed almost everywhere.



Beautiful paintings hang on the walls, giving me major inspiration for the kind of art I want in my own home.


After breakfast I took my hot chocolate (and chocolate muffin) back up to the room, where Mumma and me stayed all day.

We were tucked up in our large queen size bed watching movie after movie, with the balcony door slightly open so the sound of rain drifted peacefully through, wearing this cute 





Come 4pm the rain had stopped (or so we had thought) and we headed out onto the streets of Parié.





After just five minuets, the rail poured down. We ran down Champs de Elysée. Then came hail stones. We’re talking hail stones in March. The year before I was here the exact same time, and it felt like Summer.

We gave up wanting to be tourists and took shelter in a pizza restaurant. Yes like mother like daughter.

We ate at Pizza Vesuvius

114, Avenue des Champs de Elysée, 75008, Paris


Night fell and so did the rain, but softly this time. So we dragged ourselves out and made our way back to the hotel. I tell everyone Paris’ true beauty is seen at night time. Its not called the City of lights for no reason. So why not spend the day in bed and venture out in the evening, if you’re there for several days.


It was an early night for us both, followed by even more movies.

The following morning was the day of departure. We woke to snow in Pairs. During our three days here it’s as though we had gone through all four seasons.

We chose to have breakfast in bed, as we packed to leave.


For breakfast dessert, I put the yogurt to one side and went for the dark, double, chocolate cookies I picked up when we stopped of at the Supermarket the night before. Dipped into my hot chocolate, it was a chocolate overdose.


Suitcases packed, noon checkout. We headed down to the lobby to book our Uber.




There is something so special to me about Paris and It fills my heart with so much happiness that I got to spend a few days here with my Mum. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to get to stay in all these beautiful hotels, I always like to take a friend with me to experience it, but in future I will consider my Mum too. My plan this year is to take her with me on some of my adventures. Up next, Ireland, after all its where she is from.

Thank you to Mon Hotel for a pleasant stay and Bus Bud for a safe travel.

Watch the vlog of our trip here.





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