I was recently introduced to after being invited to an event at the beautiful Sketch London

Let me talk you through, four of the products I believe you girls should all have in your makeup bag. 


The had me mesmerised from the moment I opened it. Not knowing full well what the product contained or what it looked like, left me excited to tuck in.

Giving the shiny, smooth, well designed packaging lid a little twist, it came off with ease. Unveiling what seemed to be two things; a spoon and a handle to reveal the contents underneath.

A  undeniably sparkly gel formula sits waiting beneath. 

The best thing about this product is, a little bit goes a long way (even less than what is placed on my hand below). 

The Hydra Veil instantly hydrates and smooths the skin with its futuristic clear gel. Containing Vitamin C and B3 they work together to help maintain the skins hydration levels – just in time for Summer.

It leaves your skin looking healthy, glowing and balanced.

The main use of this product is to be used as a base for your foundation, leaving the skin fully prepared. 

Simply use the spoon provided to apply the gel formula before foundation application. I use my two index fingers to massage the gel into all areas of my face until the product is absorbed. 

A foundation brush is suggested for application on the Illamasqua site.

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Gone are the days when clumpy, heavy lashes are the goal. This Summer we should be looking to achieve natural lashes, ones suitable for the beach or by the pool.

The gives volume, lengthens and defines your lashes. 

The product contains an active derived from walnut, which acts as a natural dry extract. The jet black formula gently and progressively tints lashes to provide improved colour intensity after two weeks of use – even when lashes are bare.

The spear shaped wand ensures every coat of mascara applied is clump free, with no flaking. 

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This gel contouring stick was unlike any contouring product I had ever used before. I had only ever used powder based previous to this. 

The unique contouring gel allows you to apply a subtle definition to the cheeks very easily. 

The product can create a delicate shadow under cheekbones and along the jaw line. Most importantly, to my surprise, it blends with ease.

To apply I simply use the stick to brush into the places I wish to contour; temple, cheekbones, jaw line, and sides of my nose, after my foundation has been applied. 

A highlight brush is used to blend the gel into my skin.

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Red has always been one of my favourite colours to wear, and I believe we should all have a shade of red in our makeup bags – you never know when you might need it.

This intense colour in ‘Box’ shade, seemed darker than the typical shade I would go for. None the less, I fell in love. 

The colour is highly pigmented with a flawless finish off creamy matte.

The lipstick glides on smoothly and lasts all night. You can use an angled eye liner brush to top up the pout and keep it going even longer. 

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