Comfy Shorts: Caribbean cruises are all about the day excursions. Whether you’re wandering through the Parliament buildings of Bridgetown, Barbados, or doing a Hemingway bar crawl in Havana, Cuba you’ll want to be wearing something light and comfy on your bottom half.

Thinking of climbing Sage Mountain on the British Virgin Islands, or hiking to Ayo Rock on Aruba? Then you’ll need some good walking shoes. Opt for sandals if you want to keep those feet cool (and work on your toe tan).

You might spend the majority of your cruise in shorts and a T-shirt but if you want to attend any of the more formal dining functions on your liner, you’ll have to dress up. An elegant white or black maxi that can be easily glammed up with some jewellery, heels and a little jacket is a great option.

After a few days in flip-flops you won’t want to put these things on your feet but they’re great to have to hand for formal events and shore excursions to fancy restaurants or bars. Go for wedges or a mid-heel if you want to avoid blisters.

(Image source: sophie and trey)

Sarongs are really handy for a cruise, but for maximum convenience and comfort buy a light, over-the-knee kaftan. It’s the perfect sun cover-up and will double as a pretty casual dress when you hit the beach on a shore excursion.

Along with liberally applying your sun lotion, it’s also important to invest in a good hat. A broad-brimmed straw number will look elegant with almost any outfit and will provide your head, neck and shoulders protection from the sun.

Dress up shorts and a white shirt or a maxi dress with a light linen or cotton blazer. It’ll make you look that bit smarter at dinner or the bar, and will give you much-needed protection from the mosquitoes!

These tips will have you looking the part and feeling comfortable at the same time while out in your Caribbean paradise!

Image sources; Pinterest unless other wise stated


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