Wanting to move things around, add new things or completely rearrange the room is something that happens to come over me – a lot. I’ve found one of the best ways to refresh the feel and look of your home for around £30.

If you’re new to Petite Side of Style, you may not know that I recently moved into my own little place. You can see a preview here in a Vlog. As soon as my feet hit the (terrible) brown carpet, the first plan of action was to paint the walls white. Putting prints up come close second. 

I believe what you put up on your walls says a lot about the person you are to those who come to visit you. Weather its quotes about fashion – you’re a follower of fashion. Maps off the world – you like to travel. Quotes about love – your a romantic. It gives off a hint to your personality. 

So when I saw the perfect Paris pair of prints, I couldn’t resist. Rimmed with a classic white frame.

The pair sit perfectly smitten in between my three large floor to ceiling windows that look out to sea. 

A City of prints in a beach home.



I also picked up this small Simplicity print for my office, which is coming along slowly.

This time framed with Rose Gold and under £5.

These prints have definitely refreshed my new home and given it some life and more of me. 

You can select you posters and prints from Desenio here


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