Thinking of where to go next? Ive put together 6 amazing holidays from your favourite bloggers.


with Anouska

Cuba isn’t the only place you will find on Anouska’s site. She has been travelling around the world for the past three months. So expect major wanderlust, and wonderful photography. 
Her romantic love story of how she met someone whilst travelling will have you reading what feels like a romantic novel. 

Anouska starts in Havana, where snapchat is not allowed and internet is scarce. She takes you through the empty streets of Havana then onto a few days in Varadero, a beautiful beach with white sand and crystal waters. 

Cuba is on my list now.


with Tuula Vintage

Tuula Vintage has been travelling around the world for years and documenting it beautifully on her site and Instagram. Tuula recently visited Sri Lanka. And until her post, it had never been off interest to visit. 
Tuula spent two weeks on the Island during Monsoon season. Her in awe shots of her with nature such as Elephants are simply breath taking. It instantly brought me the feeling of freedom.


with EJStyle

LA has been the top of my to-do list for many years. I once even had flights planed, places to stay and where to start and end planned. But life got in the way and it was pushed to the bottom of my to do list. So while Emma was travelling around LA. I was inspired. 

Emma visits Venice, one of the biggest tourist spots in LA. They done the dream of hiring bikes and cycling along the strip. They popped to Beverly Hills (visiting the Beverly Hills Hotel), dived into Hollywood, followed by Malibu and Long Beach. The best part… they done it all in two days.


with Lust For Life

Lust for Life is one of my top ten bloggers. She like many is always travelling the globe, sharing with us the most beautiful images of oceans and outfits. Thats what I like see, travel posts mixed with outfits. And she does it so well. 

She hits the Algarve for Sunset, in a perfectly beach attire. A day trip to Lagos, sharing her must see spots, the dusk setting in Portugal and her favourite small town spots.

Short but sweet.


with LornaLuxe

There is something natural about Lorna’s travelling snaps. 

So when she visited Venice, she had me desperate to head back, this time to do it in style. Arriving by boat to a five star hotel. She talks about the best outfit to wear, the room she stayed in and includes costs, from food to the taxi rides on water.


with We The People

Turkey is a place most of you have probably been. I have been to Turkey about six times, each time a different part. I find it one of the most beautiful places in the world with the best seas. However We The People show Turkey in its best light. 

She offers a guide the the Turkish Beach town of Kalkan – a spot I have not yet visited. 
She spends the first week on a small yacht, followed by the next on beaches. 
She includes everything from how to get there, when to go, where to stay, where to eat and most importantly the best beaches

Where would you recommend?


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