When an email like this drops into your inbox;

“We’re hosting a private fitness Reformed Pilates class with the team at Move Your Frame / followed by a super healthy brunch- think acai bowls, fresh smoothies and protein pancakes YUMMY!”

You can alway count me in. Especially when its with the lovely team at Swimwear 365.

I headed up to London, mid week and checked into the Travel Lodge. Where I had a good nights sleep before my early and very healthy start to the day. 

I took a short walk to Move Your Frame based in Kings Cross, (also located in Queens Park, Shoreditch and Victoria). 

Move Your Frame is a place to move, sweat and fuel. Known for their feel good and very energetic classes, which can be pay as you go. Perfect for those like me who are very sporadic with the workout days.

Also, don’t be surprised to catch a glimpse of a celebrity at some point!

Arthouse, 1 York Way, London N1C 4AS, United Kingdom

It was my first experience of Pilates and in this case; reformer pilates. I headed into our private class not expecting to see beds with springs and pullies attached. I had know idea what I was getting myself into, but the excitement brewed. 

Each blogger stood ready beside the beds they had chosen as we listened intensely to our instructor. Talking us through each workout, explaining to us how to use the equipment and while in poses how to add challenge to most moves. 

Pilates works on improving the posture, finding balance, firing up that internal core strength that most of us do not realise we even have and lengthening the muscles. (Does this mean I could grow a few inches haha)

After our 60 minuet class I left feeling ready to take on the world London.

Greeted with a bouquet of Bird of Paradise flowers by the lovely team at Swimwear 365 (Label PR).

Breakfast was served.

And we were ready for the day ahead.

Watch the video here on my Youtube Channel.

With thanks to Sophie and Laura from Label PR and the team at Move Your Frame. 


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