Im personally not a fan of water. 

Most people will read that and flinch. But I personally prefer flavoured or sparkling water. 

I simply dislike the taste of tap water of unfiltered water. 

So when Brita asked me to try out there new Brita Fill & Go Bottles I had to give it a go. 

Brita is certainly a household name we all know and probably at some point have had a Brita filter in our homes. 

Brita have stepped up to the mark to help save on plastic water bottles by creating the Fill & Go Bottle – available in pink, blue, lime and purple.

The choice of colours allows them to go perfectly with any outfit of your choice. 

To top it off, for someone like me who dislikes the taste of plain water, the filter inside the bottle reduces impurities, making the water taste better.

I paired my Brita Fill & Go bottle with these .

Pink on pink.

Denim skirts are another staple item that is going to be sticking around this Autumn. 

Ive rounded up a few favourites of mine.

Raw denim hems, paired with frilly sleeves. 

Pick up your Brita Fill & Go Bottle here and help the environment too.

What I’m wearing;


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