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Let me tell you how I picked my three seater sofa, that was right for me.

Living in rented accommodation means I don’t personally want to make big expensive changes to, for example, the brown carpet. 

Its my pet peeve – I hate it. 

So that was the first thing I had in mind when I was choosing my DFS sofa. It had to match, until I find the perfect rug too.

The great thing about DFS is there sofas come in various different colours. 

I originally wanted the Krystal 3 Seater Pillow Back Sofa in Silver.

Until I realised how unattractive it would look against the brown carpet.

I was gutted. Until I noticed it come in seven different colours, even allowing me to pick the colour of the cushions. 

I excitingly chose the Krystal in Cream combination.

And I am so pleased with how it looks against the white walls and brown carpet.

Right down to the four feet of the sofa that was chosen in dark brown by myself. 

You have the choice of light or dark wood. 

Another major thing that would of made a huge difference against the carpet. 

Its the little details that make the big differences.

From choice to checkout to delivery. I am so impressed with there service. 

A huge thank you Darren and Steve who carried the sofa up to the fifth floor, took the feet off the sofa to squeeze it through my narrow corridor and when that didn’t work they took an arm off. 

To my shock they even put the sofa back together again. 

Impressive customer service.

Choose your DFS sofa here


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