It wouldn’t be right to enter 2017 without a look back at the year that has passed. 

A round up off my 2016 outfits and a little chat about what 2016 has taught me.   

First of all a little hello from myself and my new blog layout. 
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For me 2016 has been a turning point and a real blessing. If you watch my You Tube videos you will already know that this was the year I moved out alone. I got myself a lovely little flat with sea views and planned to really get stuck into full time blogging. Little did I know I would be ending the year in Thailand with a guy I met in Summer followed by moving in with each other. 

The year started with a snowboarding trip followed by a week in Portugal, a stay at Disney Land Hotel, two London Fashion week seasons, three trips to Paris and ended with seven weeks travelling around Thailand (coming to the blog very soon). Travel is an important feature that I will be continuing on the blog in 2017.

Here are a few things I struggled with and what 2016 taught me;

Don’t get lost in a sea of filters: I really struggled to find myself this year, in terms of the style I wanted my blog, Instagram to be. At the start of the year my Instagram was bright and white – heard to up keep. With bright photos on the blog. Realisticly being a blogger in England, you can’t keep up the bright imagery during Winter months.  

I must of changed my mind on filter/no filter several times this year. Its such a crucial part of my work. Its important not to get lost in what other people are doing and simply follow your own creative ideas.

Schedule and plan more: At the beginning of 2016 I nailed this. Come Summer time it all went out of the window and that is what I plan to keep on track of this year. 

Don’t compare: Stop worrying what other people are doing, who they are working with, or how well their Instagram is growing. We all grow in our own time and you only get out what you put in.

More home articles: Home is becoming a huge deal on the internet. I want to include more home articles on Petite Side of Style during 2017. 


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