What do you get for the man who has everything, for his Birthday? Instead of an item I opted for making memories. I booked a surprise four day trip to Capri and now I am back in slightly colder climates I’m ready to share the days (and nights) with you all. 

We flew from London Gatwick into Naples with Easy Jet. I was very particular with the flights, making sure we were on the earliest flight out and the latest flight back. Getting the most out of the short four day trip as possible.

We arrived to Naples airport and flagged down a taxi to the port, a short 20 minuet ride for €20. When we arrived at the port we bought our ferry tickets over to Capri (around €25 each). You can pre book them here.

After the 45 minute boat ride we arrived onto the beautiful island before lunch time. You are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of fresh new tourists arriving to the Island, mainly for day trips. We walked to the end of the pier where we were greeted by our shuttle cab to our hotel – Hotel Excelsior a Luxury Boutique Hotel.

We drove up the narrow, winding roads, weaving in and out of traffic. Honestly I have never witnessed driving like it, in Capri. We slowly pulled into the right, through the large black iron gates and pulled up outside the grand hotel. It honestly took my breath away and I felt like I was in a movie.

Via Provinciale Marina Grande, 179 – 80073 Capri


We checked in and made our way to our Classic Room

Our room was a space filled with detail in every corner. Despite the traditional building and aesthetics, the hotel also offers an iPad, docking station to play music and a TV with english channels (and plenty more).








My favourite part of the Italian decor is their attention to detail on titles; flooring and walls. Its an art. I left wanting to add some to our own home.






Once we were settled into our room, and changed into something more fitting for the 30 degree heat, we headed up to the roof terrace for a welcome drink.


The terrace offered the most incredible almost panoramic views of Capri, The harbour to be exact.






If you don’t manage to book a room with your own jacuzzi, do not threat. The roof terrace also offers a jacuzzi for hotel guests. With just 11 rooms, I am sure you will have privacy whilst you enjoy a jacuzzi under the stars.

The two nights we stayed with the hotel we not once had to share the roof terrace, we had it to ourselves each evening.




We took a shuttle down to Lo Smeraldo beach club, where we spent the rest of the day.
Lo Smeraldo work in conjunction with the hotel, so there is no fee, unlike most of the lidos or beach clubs. You are given towels and a sun bed to lounge on for the rest of the day. Its one of few beach clubs to get the sun throughout the whole day.

Lo Smeraldo is a rocky exterior surrounded by blue sea’s, covered in blue deck chairs lined up next to each other

Piazza Vittoria, 1 Marina Grande Capri





( / )


It didn’t take us long to dive (I jumped) into the blue sea.

Capri beaches are known for their rocky surroundings, a sandy beach on Capri is very rare. But I believe there are one or two.

The water glistened as the sun bounced off it, but don’t be fooled, it was as cold as ice. Give it a while you will soon warm up.


I recommend swimming out to sea to look back on the colourful Island.



We surrendered back to our deck chairs where we lay under the sun listening to the crashing waves right next to us. Locals graced our present and as I lay with my eyes closed I imagined living this Island life day to day.

Lo Smeraldo is a peaceful place to have spent the first day settling into things. We were not hassled to eat or drink. We did have drinks, but it is always nice to feel comfortable whilst away.








5pm quickly came around and we decided to pack up our bags and get back to the hotel in time for views of the sunset from the roof terrace.



A Capri Lookbook is coming soon to the blog



( / / / / )

We strolled around the port of Capri, taking note of restaurants, boat tours, ice cream parlours and most of all how quiet the Island became once the tourists left from their day trips.







After freshening up at the hotel, we were ready by 8:30pm for sunset.
Drink and pastries to hand, we watched as the sky turned oranges, pinks, purples and dark blues.





We took a shuttle from the hotel up to the Piazzetta. Shuttles are available for free from the hotel and was really helpful throughout our stay. When I say shuttle, I don’t mean a bus, it is actually a luxury Mercedes Benz.


Adam took a look on trip advisor for a restaurant that ‘had the best pizza in Capri’, we walked through the narrow winding allies of Capri and found what we was looking for; Lo Sfizo.



Of course I had the pizza, I had to taste test to see if it was indeed the best pizza in Capri. After having pizza every day whilst there I can say, that this was indeed the best pizza on the Island.

The staff was friendly, the prices were affordable and the meal ended with a shot of Limoncello.


A perfect end to our first day on the Island. The walk back to the Piazzetta helped shake of all the carbs we had.

Lo Sfizo
Via Tiberio, 7/e – 80073 Capri


A very special thank you to Excelsior Parco Hotel for such a lovely stay and Anna Chiara for all your help.






















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