The Return of The Denim Jacket

Clothes for many of us have a story with them, and it’s one of the reasons why I find having a closet clear out can be quite difficult for me. A lot of my clothing has some kind of sentimental value to them or, like I said, a story behind them. 

The last time I owned a blue denim jacket I was about 10. It was my favourite jacket and it went everywhere with me. I think I thought I was a ‘cool girl’ in my grown up denim jacket. To this day I still remember leaving it on the bus and never seeing it again. And since then I never owned another denim jacket – until now. 

I found this recently and knew it was the perfect denim wash. I got it in my usual size, however, I wish I had sized up to make a looser fit.

It is very easy to use the denim jacket as a go to jacket and then you are seen wearing it all the time because it simply goes with everything. Don’t be that person. 

Be able to experiment, don’t just wear it with jeans. Try it with super girly pieces to toughen up the look. 
Here I have paired it with a super girly and I think it works wonderfully. For this dress I would recommended sizing up if you have boobs.

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