Why I Found Styling This Skirt So Difficult

Have you ever had an item in your wardrobe, for so long, that every time you go to wear it, you simply cannot think of what to wear it with so you keep putting it back?

I can be quite experimental when it comes to fashion and I’m not afraid to try something new. 

However, I also want to stay true to my own personal style as that is what keeps you guys coming back because you know what to expect.

I got this White Floral Print Sequin Maxi High-low Skirt from River Island over a month ago now. I got it with the intention to wear it whilst away in Capri but every time then and since, I just could not think of something to wear it with. It was very close to being added to my depop as it was simply collecting dust. 

It wasn’t until last week I decided to try it with trainers instead of sandals. I intended to tie a knot on the t-shirt but instead tucked it in. Oh, my has it become one of my favourite outfits of the Summer.

I would love to know your tips for wearing skirts like this, please leave me a comment below. 



T Shirt | All Saints

Maxi Skirt | River Island 

Trainers | Adidas 

Bag | Next 




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