My Pregnancy Story, How I Knew I Was Ready

Apart from talking about my pregnancy on You Tube, I’ve not really written about it here on my blog.

So here it goes.


This time last year I was travelling Thailand with Adam.

After meeting him in July, 13 weeks later he flew me out to Thailand (where he was training to be a dive master) to spend the last six weeks with him.

I knew pretty quickly – before Thailand, how things for us were going to go.

“when you know, you know”

We were both on the same page, in terms of what we wanted.

We came back from Thailand and Adam sold his house and moved into my flat, while we looked for something together.


If you had asked me last year before I met Adam If I pictured a baby in life.

I’m pretty sure the answer would have been no.

I was out with friends every weekend and travelling as much as I could.

Its true what they say; when you know, you know.

On a cold New Year day walk, we decided together I should stop taking my contraception.

We knew we both wanted a baby together, and coming off the pill does not mean it will happen quickly.

In all honesty, I thought it would take me a long time.

Mainly because the pill had been in my system for so long.

Old wives tales say taking the pill makes it harder.

And my diet is not the best, I am such a fussy eater, and I assumed I lacked everything my body would need.

I cannot stress enough how I didn’t want to think about it too much.

We hated the term ‘we were trying’ for a baby because to us we weren’t trying. We were just taking a step closer to conceiving one – one day.

We kept it to ourselves to avoid people asking questions and also waiting for it to happen I guess.

Yes, we planned this, but we didn’t put pressure on ourselves, we didn’t worry about ovulation or what days we ‘should‘ be having sex.

Although despite all my efforts, three months passed and when I got that period each month, I felt some kind of sadness.

In all honesty, it reassured me how much I did want this little baby.



Despite our best efforts of trying to put coming of the pill out of our minds, in March we realised I was a few days late.

I waited until morning to do a pregnancy test as it suggests on the box.

Adam eager as ever for the results, almost pushed me out of bed to do it.

Part of me was so nervous for it to be a negative result as it was the previous month after being a few days late.

I didn’t want to feel as though I was getting our hopes up every month.

I guess thats another negitive factor of knowing you have stopped your contraception.

2 – 3 weeks it read.

That overwhelming feeling that it happened, brought me to tears.

Happy tears I assure you.

To fall pregnant can be easy for some and difficult for others.

“Happy tears I assure you”

Unfortunatley within a week, I miscarried.

There are many pros and cons of knowing about pregnancy so early.

However, at this point, I wish we hadn’t of known so early because I would of just assumed it was my period, a little late perhaps.

I speak a little more on this in my YouTube pregnancy announcement.




Again I looked to a positive of what had happened.

I knew I could fall pregnant. Despite my poor diet, which was a worry in the back of my mind.

And again, we both knew how much this meant to us.

I started taking folic acid from this point onwards, as I was told it was good to take if you are ‘trying’ to conceive.

You can read more about reasons to take folic acid online.

Come May, I was late again and noticed I was going to the toilet far more frequently than ever.

We were off to Capri the next day, so decided to do a test before going.

Again, pregnant 2 – 3 weeks.

We got just as excited this time, as we did the second time.

Despite us, both having insecurities around it we cherished every day that passed.

I have just passed 25 weeks, with 14 weeks to go.

Our whole lives will change in February, but we couldn’t be more excited to welcome this little bambino into our world.

I don’t think anyone is ever fully ready for a baby – unexpected or planned.

 I am sure I am going to have a shock with the night feeds and lack of sleep.

But as my Mum says, this little girl is going to be the best thing we have ever done.

I just cant wait to meet her.




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