Avoiding Blue Monday, How I Keep Positive.

I have just skipped past, what the media calls the most depressing day of the year. I hope you did too, here are some of my tips

Monday 15th January – Blue Monday

I hate when the media portrays such days.
I was oblivious to Blue Monday until I looked at my phone, and saw the #BlueMonday and brands using such hashtag to exploit their sales onto us.
Followed by coming down stairs for breakfast and hearing all about it on the morning TV.
If I wasn’t feeling blue by then, I was already at the stage of practically questioning why I was feeling so happy. Imagine that, questioning ‘Why am I ok’.
For some people it may be Blue Monday everyday, and that is why I hate the term so much. It shouldn’t be recognised as one day, because so many of us suffer from depression or anxiety everyday or most days.

I have rounded up my favourite ways in which I keep my mind occupied and in a happy place – most of the time, we all have down days – and thats OK.
Like many people, life can get on top of you but try just a few of these things and I hope they help.






Don’t be afraid to say no to things. I learnt this the hard way over Christmas. Adam and I spent fourteen days of back to back plans. Meeting friends, popping to the pub, family dinners, the list was endless.
We were to and frow, making sure we had seen everyone and were sociable. Throughout those fourteen days all I wanted was a day in bed.

I found myself being silent from sheer exhaustion and although once I was up and out, I was fine and happy, it took its toll during the evenings.

Don’t be afraid to let people down sometimes. If you would rather spend a night in front of the TV watching movies, then do it. Your friends will forgive you, they may even join you.





















For most of us this will be the hardest, but the most rewarding.
We are a generation of comparing ourselves to others. Endless scrolling through Instagram will not make you feel any better about yourself.
Take a break from uploading anything and looking at anything and I promise you, you will thank yourself for it in the long run.

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Sing, Sing and Sing

This will sound like the silliest of them all.
Find yourself a happy playlist or make your own. Avoid Sam Smith and Adele at all costs.
There is no way, you can avoid feeling better after a good sing along.
Try starting off your morning with music when you’re showering.



I can’t stress enough how important sticking to a routine is.
For me, being self employed means I don’t really have a set time that I need to be awake.
I like to set the same alarm time every day, just so my body is used to a routine.
I get annoyed with myself sometimes if I sleep in, although with three weeks left till the baby is here, Ive been allowing myself those extra long lie in’s.


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