A Tranquil Paradise – Dar Ayniwen, Marrakech

Finding the right place to stay for the first time away as a family, and we got it perfect.




This was my second time visiting Marrakech (see previous posts here) and I knew what to expect within the City. I knew it was busy and surrounded by hustle and bustle. I also knew the swimming pools tend to be cold – too cold for the baby.
So when I found Dar Ayniwen, an exclusive five star hotel with only ten rooms based away from the old City centre in Palmeraie and with a heated pool, I was very eager to visit.

I booked the trip for Adam’s birthday, our first holiday abroad with our 12 week old, Pollyanna.

The hotel is surrounded by 2 hectares of gardens, each part of the garden offered something different, it felt like walking through different countries. With a huge selection of wild life – turtles and birds, its another great bonus for children.


With only ten rooms in the family home, you can expect big things in each. We were lucky enough to stay in two very different rooms throughout our five nights in Marrakech.

The first room was a very modern room, with a hot tub inside with modern marble shower. They are going to be adding a private swimming pool right outside the front door too.

The second room was our favourite because it was more traditional. It is great that they offer both as I know a lot of people prefer modern.
However our traditional Moroccan suite included our own private pool, which is perfect when you are travelling with a baby I hate to feel like I am disturbing anyone.
It also included our own living room, with tv, and a perfect round bed for the three of us (a cot was provided but we had her sleep with us).




  •  A shuttle is offered to and from the hotel to the old City for shopping, restaurants and touristy things
  • They have an amazing spa, you can even ask for a massage out in the gardens with the birds singing around you
  • Private pools, for me this is something I will always look for when travelling with Pollyanna, and the heated pool made it enjoyable at the end of a long day exploring
  • The staff go above and beyond to look after you
  • The wildlife is a lovely bonus, each morning we took a walk through the birds to hear them sing, we also saw turtles every day
  • Location – you forget that you are in such a busy city, your surround by tranquility and its just delightful

 Keep an eye out for my Marrakech travel guide
To book your stay at Dar Ayniwen click here


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