Pollyanna’s Christening Day

Over the weekend we Christened Pollyanna, heres what we wore and how I decorated the venue

Pollyanna was dressed in the Winter Christening Gown from Angels and Fishes, also available at Chateau De Sable.
She had two dresses – one for the ceremony and one for after as it was such a hot day.
However we don’t seem to have any photos in her second dress, which was the Sarah Christening Dress also from Angels and Fishes.

It all started a few days before Pollyanna’s big day, when I sent out three rose gold feather balloons in a box with the text “Will You Be My Godparent” from Balloon Fairy Manchester.

Weeks of preparation was all worth it for the day we shared with our friends and family.
I was constantly pinning ideas on a Christening Mood Board, giving me more and more work to do for the day.
We woke at 6am, with six and a half hours to decorate the venue, at our local boating pool, right by the sea, before the service began.
With the help of Adam, my sisters and my best friend, I like to say we pulled it off, with the cake arriving just in the nick of time.
I wanted a main table to sit outside with the cake and balloons to be the back drop, however the wind interrupted and I had no control off the order they blew in.

Giant Pink Confetti Orb Balloons – Party Pieces (36 inches but we didn’t blow them up as high)
Large White Feather Balloons – Party Pieces
Pink Balloon Tails

I created a print before Pollyanna was born with the meaning of the word Pollyanna, to put on her nursery wall.
I thought it would be a nice thing to add to the main table, as I am sure not many people no the meaning.
We then created cookies with ‘Pollyanna’s Christening on’. Both were from Walter and May who offer incredible personalised items. If you have something specific in mind send them an email to see what they can do.

Personalised Print – Walter and May
Personalised Cookies – Walter and May
Gold Tray – Asda
Glass Jars – Home Bargains

I added more personal touches with the pink gin that had ‘Pollyanna’s Christening’ followed by the date.
I filled jars with pink and white sweets, and placed four bouquets of The Harper from Bloom and Wild which was delivered through my letterbox.

Two personalised large orb balloons sat by the entrance to the bar with the words ‘Pollyanna’s Christening Day’ by  Peach Blossom Balloons.

The finishing touch was the faux flower wall, that can be hired at a size of your own desire from Add A Little Sparkle in Kent.

A special thank you to everyone who worked with us, to help me create the perfect day for Pollyanna.
And thank you to everyone who shared the day with us.


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