Decorating The House For Halloween

Halloween is upon us and I have decided to share with you how I decorated the house this Halloween. Including my own gold sprayed pumpkins


I love an occasion; birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Any occasion and I go all out and really get into it.
This year being in our new house meant I would do it even more so. We hosted our own Halloween party with a few of our friends and had such a great night.
I decorated the Kitchen and outside the house for the occasion and thought I would share a few of my ideas.


This was my favourite part of the decorating, I spray painted my pumpkins gold using Wilko’s Gold Metallic paint (I can’t find the exact one online). I first tried the Gold Glitter one but this didn’t work so I had to go back and get the Gold. One coat was all that was needed for each pumpkin and they dried very quickly.
The Gold pumpkins make for a great centrepiece on a table.
We left Adam’s pumpkin which he carved, orange and had that one on the doorstep.


I came across this idea on Pinterest, click here to follow me on Pinterest and see all of my Halloween ideas.
Next year I want to do a more formal setting with a really nice table layout. Unfortunately, we don’t have the room for a dining table so I’ll have to wait until we do.
I carved the top before I sprayed the pumpkin which worked well, carved out all the insides as you would if you were carving a pumpkin, fill it with water and you have yourself a pumpkin vase.
It has so far lasted five days, which is perfect for over Halloween.


Garlands are a great way of decorating a room, we have a very large kitchen so I used a few.
Make sure you measure the space you want to cover before purchasing so you don’t get one too short.

Skull Garland, Wilko | Silver Pumpkin, Wilko


I have always been so useless with cobwebs until this year. I searched on YouTube for a video on how to get the best out of cobwebs and I did a great job of covering whatever I could.
I covered prints, the whole back by folding doors and the entrance to our house, poor Blue didn’t know where to go.

Cobwebs, Hobby Craft | Sky Print, GreaterSkies via Not On The Highstreet

How do you decorate for Halloween?

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