Pollyanna’s First Pumpkin Picking

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Halloween lovers, we spent our Sunday picking our pumpkins

A few years ago (see the post here) I visited Pick Your Own Pumpkin Farm in Ashford, and knew that I wanted it to be a tradition when I had my own children.

For Pollyanna’s first Halloween, we dressed her up in her very own pumpkin baby grow from Ellie and Ellie and made our way through the English countryside to the Pumpkin Farm.

It has been one of the hottest Octobers the UK has had, and it felt beautiful to be walking around in the sunshine rather than wet mud. Although the mud and cold weather does make it feel more like Halloween.

Pollyanna picked hers…

Adam picked his…

And I picked mine…

The Teddy Coat I’m wearing is now in the sale only £45, and comes in three other colours;

We stopped halfway for a bite to eat (a prosecco is also an option)

Shop my whole outfit;

Even Pollyanna couldn’t resist a slice…

We headed back into the fields to complete our pumpkin hunt, Pollyanna and wheelbarrow in hand.

Since Pollyanna took her first steps while in Portugal last week we thought we would test her walking skills with the wheelbarrow

She couldn’t quite lift it but she gave it a good go

Which she absolutely loved of course,

All laughed out because Adam wanted to actually PICK his own pumpkins from the ground, we made our way to the checkout

Three large ones, two medium ones and three small ones, we were ready for Halloween

This is the first of my Halloween features, I’ll be putting together a Baby Halloween Shopping Edit this week followed by an adult one.

I would love to know where you get your pumpkins from?


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