Tips On Bringing Home A Newborn Baby To Your Dog

Bringing a newborn home to a dog can be a very daunting thought.
I’ve written some of our tips since they are the best of friends.

There is no doubt about it that a common question we were asked when people found out we were having a baby was either ‘What will you do if Blue doesn’t get on with the baby?’ or ‘How do you think blue will react?’
In all honesty, we didn’t give it too much thought because we knew whatever the case we would get around it (unless the baby was allergic then we would have a problem).
We listened to many peoples advice but knew deep down we would do things our way because we know Blue.

If you don’t know who Blue is you can watch a video from when we got him here. He is a Blue French Bulldog who was one year and one month when we brought Pollyanna home.


My biggest tip would be to prepare as much as you can beforehand.
Dog’s can apparently notice the change in hormones from the newly pregnant women, so I like to think Blue was prepared. He could also hear her heartbeat and tended to sleep on my stomach which I found really lovely.
She could probably hear him snoring and he could in return hear her tiny heartbeat.

Blue sleeps on our bed, or where ever he likes; on the floor, under the duvet, on my head if he wanted to.
But we thought it would be a good idea to get him used to sleeping downstairs way before the baby came along.
We planned this before her arrival so he wouldn’t blame the baby on being made to sleep downstairs and that way wouldn’t blame her if he felt pushed out. Routine is key for dogs and he soon got used to sleeping downstairs without us having to put stair gates on – we never thought it would happen.

That in actual fact was the only preparation we done, until she arrived.
On the day she was born we wrapped her in a blanket which we later that day gave to a family member to put in Blue’s bed with him. This allowed Blue to know her scent and be ready for her coming home.


We had been away from Blue in the hospital for a few day’s so naturally, he was very excited to see us and barely gave any notice to the baby in the car seat until Adam got her out. At which point he was jumping up at Adam’s arms very intrigued.
We took them upstairs, calmed Blue down and sat on the bed where we let Blue sniff (and a lick) around the new little bundle.

Blue has always been a very happy, hyper at times and full of life dog. On the other hand, he is very well behaved in the house, doesn’t chew things up and listens to us. Out for walks may be different when we call him back though.
Because of his bubbly charectoristics, we were a little worried about him around such a tiny person, but Pollyanna calmed him down so much. The only time he would ever bounce around was when we had visitors.
He got pretty bored of her pretty quickly.
He was intrigued when she cried and would sit and watch her which we found lovely.
I always observed what he was like with her.


Once Pollyanna started sleeping in her cot we allowed Blue to come upstairs and sleep on our bed again. We found if she started crying he would take himself downstairs for peace anyway. But we missed him.
Sometimes Pollyanna would cosleep in her Sleepyhead and Blue would still sleep at the bottom of the bed, only creeping up to us in the morning very softly.

You have to go with your gut instinct. I think you will know how much you can trust your Dog.
Despite us sleeping on the same bed, I have never left them alone in a room together, because you still never know.

Pollyanna is now seven and a half months old and it has been my favourite thing to watch them grow together.
I know they are going to be the best of friends.
Blue will give her kisses and she will either smack him away or allow him. Whenever she hits out Blue never bits nor growls, he allows her to, but I make sure I tell her “No Pollyanna, nicely” so that Blue knows he is not the only one that gets told no.
She crawls around after him and they play tug a war with his toys.
It is the most beautifuliest bond ever.


Blue’s Dog Bed (medium) – Lord Lou via Amara




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