Is The Sleepyhead Deluxe Worth The Money?

One of the biggest baby trends is the Sweden Sleepyhead, but is it really worth the money?


As soon as I found out we were having a baby, I was pinning and saving images on Instagram and the most common item I saw was the and I added it to my list of things to buy simply because it was a popular product at the time and still is.


A sleepyhead is a baby pod for your baby to rest, sleep, play, do tummy time or to change a nappy on (we never did this one) from 0-8 months.
They are very lightweight so in the beginning, it was the perfect thing to move Pollyanna from room to room in.
We would take her with us from the sofa watching TV to the kitchen to have dinner. We were able to keep her next to us on the island, keeping a very close eye on her whilst enjoying dinner whilst it lasted.

You are able to change the covers of the Sleepyhead, and I would recommend buying a few, especially from newborn as Pollyanna would be sick over hers a lot and I never liked to lay her in a dirty one especially if we were having visitors.


A lot of things on social media can be used just for show or just for the photo, but the Sleepyhead is not one of those things.
I’m not going to lie, the Sleepyhead did outgrow its time with us, but recently it has been revived.
We used the sleepyhead from the very first day we brought Pollyanna home. Like I said above we used it to carry her from room to room. It was also perfect for the times when we struggled to place her down without waking her up, I found the Sleepyhead was the easiest thing to place her into with ease.
We used it to co-sleep in between us up until 16 weeks. We were able to sleep at ease knowing we couldn’t roll onto her, and I was able to settle her back to sleep quickly by singing or rubbing her back without getting out of bed.

We used it for belly time, and Pollyanna was a quick crawler, being seven months now and almost walking. It may have been all that belly time on the Sleepyhead, who knows?

However, as Pollyanna got to four months she refused to sleep in the sleepyhead. She had begun rolling over and was struggling to get to sleep as it was. Out came the Sleepyhead, after a few tries over the next few weeks with no success, we gave up on the Sleepyhead and Pollyanna began sleeping in her cot without anything.

At six months separation anxiety kicked in, and so did the unsettled nights. She would wake several times during the night, mainly because she was rolling over and sleeping with her bottom in the air and eventually becoming uncomfortable and waking up again, this repeated all through the night.
My last resort was to try the Sleepyhead again, I hoped the sides would stop her from rolling over and she would be able to use the sides for comfort to throw a leg or arm over and it worked. We have been using the Sleepyhead every night since, and she has been sleeping all through the night again.

The sleepyhead Deluxe;


Personally, for me, nothing came close. The Sleepyhead was the most aesthetically pleasing and I knew it would be great for photos also.
The extra covers meant I could change it from to Marble if I wanted to.

It is also available in a larger option, which is perfect now she has begun sleeping in it again at seven months, it means we can continue to get a good nights sleep with the next size up – although there isn’t a major rush, her legs hang out of the bottom but you can unclip it for more comfort. The goes up to 36 months.

are also available which is great for when they are younger and happy to lay there, it’s another thing to keep them content and happy. They too also come in subtle black and white colours, which I really like. It’s very different to most children mobiles that are very colourful.






Ivory Shortie – Little Valentines

Grey Canopy – Scandiborn



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