A selection of the best beauty products to wear in cold weather, on the slopes, skiing or snowboarding. Products that I wore and tested while I away.

If you saw my previous post on The Best Ski Clothing you will know that this trip to Tignes, in France was my fifth time snowboarding (I use the word ski in the title as let’s face it, that is the most popular or google searched). A whole lot has changed over the years, I not only got engaged on this trip (more to come in the next post) but I also care about what I am wearing because I want to create engaging content for you all here, but beauty is also something I want to share with you more.

I have used lots of different products each time, for many different reasons. I have to protect my lips as I suffer from weather-related cold sores, I get very red cheeks from the wind burn (I think its because I am so quick but Adam says different) and I find it important to protect my skin from the sun.


Even if you don’t wear makeup on a skiing holiday, a base layer should be as important as your helmet or contact lenses.

Suncream – if it is your first time skiing, suncream will be the last thing you think to pack but don’t be fooled by the minus temperatures, the sun is stronger than ever and if you’re going to mountain tops, sat on those chair lifts is when you will catch the sun. I used .
I use SPF 50 because I am quite fair, and I only apply it once a day, it’s also a youth protector and your never too late or early to start using that.

Moisture Balm – On days I want something very light or if I don’t have a lot of time the . I used this and only this throughout Summer and never intended to use it whilst I was away. But it left a really nice glow to my skin that lasted all day. I found that my redness didn’t appear so much thanks to the added hydration in it, it helps to give you that natural radiance. It also comes in Pink Glow and Bare Glow and is available on ASOS.


In comparison to my first time skiing when I wore no makeup what so ever, I found it important to make the effort as we were also visiting luxury restaurants for lunch and bars at the end of the day. Finding a long lasting foundation that was also really light was key. I wore the (another anti-age product) because it is the lightest foundation I have. It was long lasting and left my skin looking covered at the end of the day.


Brows – Eyebrows will also go on, even if it’s only suncream that I apply. I prefer to use a shadow application as it stays put throughout the day. This Winter I have been using the in blonde.
The compact mirror is so clear it helps to achieve those perfectly sculpted brows.

Mascara – It is so important to find a good strong wearing and waterproof mascara, with the cold weather and condensation that builds up in your goggles, at every break you will find yourself wiping your eyes in the mirror, therefore, rubbing away anything else you have on. On this trip, I wore the and it worked really well.


SPF – “Have you got your lip balm, is it white?” Is what my Mum will say to me before any type of holiday or if I’m out in the sun at home. There are many lip balms with SPF but I swear by the ones that are white. They may not look good, but neither will your lips if you catch huge blisters or cold sores so pucker up those white lips.

Lipstick – I personally didn’t wear lipstick at all, but if you were going to the would be perfect, it is long lasting and full of hydration so you can avoid chapped lips. The one in the image in Rose Monaco but I also love Rose Paris and Beige Bali.


What are your favourite products to take away in cold weather conditions?

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