Ways To Encourage Your Baby To Walk

Pollyanna took her first steps at seven months and was fully walking by the end of eight months. I did a few things to help her along the way, so I am sharing them with you.

Please remember when reading this, that every baby is different and will only ever go at their own pace, however, we can do things to help them want to get moving. Pollyanna has been very advanced from the beginning and I always said she would be walking by nine months – and she was.

I by know means was pushy when it come to getting Pollyanna to walk and I don’t recommend you doing that either as you may in fact put your baby off wanting to walk. Pollyanna had started to pull herself up on furniture, and trying her very best to go to and from furniture. So you could say I saw the signs.


We put Pollyanna in a baby walker from five months, we placed a cushion behind her back to keep her up straight and she was already able to sit alone. I think this is what built her legs up, and wanted to get her going.
She wouldn’t move much in it until about seven months, it was just handy to be able to keep her in one place while I got things done.

We also used the Skip Hop Explore and More, this one allowed her to stand steady on her feet and turn around to play with a selection of toys. I believe this helped her with balance. We still have this in the kitchen and every morning I still put her in it while I get her breakfast ready.


There are many toys out there that can help aid your baby to walk, we used the VTech First Steps Baby Walker which was great. It wasn’t long after we got this that she started walking steadily from the sofa to the table and would use it to get around rather than crawling.
I found that the VTech one was more sturdy and wouldn’t fall back like the wooden ones with bricks in. Pollyanna still plays with this toy, and is fascinated by all the buttons.


I remember being in Portugal and Pollyanna had really mastered standing alone for a long amount of time. My Mum came up with a chant, repeating “Walk, Walk, Walk” and we would hold our hands out to her and clap, that was when she took her first two steps. She found the clapping and chanting really exciting and would clap herself, which would help her keep her balance when taking the first steps.


This will help give your baby the confidence to reach for the furniture letting go with the other hand. Being able to walk is all about having the conifdence to know you want fall.


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I would love for you to share what your tips were to help your baby begin walking.



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