Flying with a baby can seem daunting to most of us. We have flown with Pollyanna six times, six hours being her longest flight and have never had any problems.

Pollyanna’s first flight was at six months to Marrakech, three and a half hours long. Portugal was her next flight at eight months and this was our first flight without Adam, we had gone away with my family but on the way back I was sat all on my own. Her most recent flight was to Egypt, her longest flight of them all at 5.5 hours plus an hour delay.


This seems like the most obvious one but be prepared and write lists. I always write a list the week commencing our travels and add to it when something pops into my mind. I have a separate list for our baby changing bag which is my hold luggage and comes on the plane with me.
I try not to add my own things in this bag and keep to only the baby bits because there is not a lot of room on planes and when you struggle to find something that’s when the stress kicks in. The last thing you want to be doing is looking around a bag for something while you baby is crying.

Before we leave the house for the airport I will check the list again, to make sure I have everything. I use a tick system so when I pack an item I tick it off the list.


For me I panic when I can’t find something, and that will cause me stress. I like to use a baby changing bag that has lots of sections. That way I can seperate toys, food, books, nappies and wipes etc. I even use mini bags inside to keep her wet wipes and nappies together so when I have to change her I can just take that bag.

This time Pollyanna was able to have her own backpack, which I kept only her toys in.


Our most recent flight Pollyanna was 13 months and just about fitted on the baby changing pull down on the plane. Ensure you take a changing matt in case you have to change your baby on the floor.


Personally, I will always try to get a night flight now Pollyanna is walking, but we have done most of them during the day. The flight to Egypt was a day time flight and although she was very well behaved it was tiring for us trying to keep her occupied. On the way home, we had a night flight and she slept the entire flight, it was so much easier and convenient.

During the 5.5 hour day time flight Pollyanna had two sleeps at about 20 minuets each.


You don’t have to go mad with this, we only took one toy away with us, her wooden stackable toy. I kept an eye on Pollyanna in the days coming up to the holiday and watched what toy kept her busy for the longest time. This one was able to go in her own backpack and it kept her busy for around 30 minutes a time. It was a life saver.

I also packed a tooth brush because she really loves brushing her teeth and chewing on it. As well as a pair of kids sunglasses for her to play with.


You can, of course, buy food at the airport or on the plane, however, be prepared. On our flight to Egypt the airline had no kids snacks left. I was gutted because this would have kept her busy for at least half an hour. Luckily I had packed raisins, apricots, and organix crisps each in there own pots. Food occupied her when she got restless.


Don’t be afraid to walk up and down the flight. We done this twice on our Egypt flight, taking the opportunity to change her bottom and go for a walk at the same time. Pollyanna is a very sociable baby and enjoyed saying hello to different people. I was surprised at how many people were so considerate, caring and friendly back to her.


We have always given Pollyanna a bottle for take off and landing. We try to fit her feeds into the flight or we simply give her an extra bottle. We find that giving the bottle at these times help with her ears popping. We have never had any issues with her ears or crying when taking off and landing. If she is asleep I will have the bottle ready in case she does wake up.

I know a lot of parents use a dummy, however, Pollyanna has never had a dummy so we have not tried this one out. The bottle works really well for us.

The airline will be able to warm up the bottle for you, but make sure you ask as soon as you get on the plane.


The Egypt flight was the first time we had taken an iPad away with us. She is at the age now where she is happy to watch certain things however on the day time flight there she refused to watch anything. On the evening flight back she was happy to watch it, helping her to fall asleep while there were delays.
I used YouTube to download shows that Pollyanna enjoyed. YouTube allows you to watch downloaded items offline for up to two days.

Pollyanna also enjoyed going through my photos, that took up a lot of time and it actually helped her to fall asleep.


Again we didn’t go mad, only taking one book that was a 4×4 hardback book that Pollyanna really enjoys. I’m a true believer of the more they have the less they bother. Having only a few items meant she spent more time playing with them things.


Always remember to take a blanket, it can get quite cold up there. We tend to dress Pollyanna in very light organic cotton sets so she isnt hot when we arrive but she may get cold up in the air.

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I would love for you to share your flying tips and how old your baby is!



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