How To Create A Balloon Arch

I’m sure by now you would have seen Pollyanna’s balloon arch either on my Instagram or on You Tube. I have always pinned balloon arches, lusting over someone creating one for an occasion of mine. Not realising just how easy it is to create on yourself.

I followed a really simple tutorial on You Tube, this one in fact. However changed a few things. I suggest watching the video then coming back to this blogpost to see what I done.


(exact purchase)
Nails + Hammer or Command Hooks
(exact purchase)

Clear Shipping Tape
Heavy Duty Gorilla Tape

Firstly you have to choose your balloons and colour scheme. I went for pink, white, grey and some foil orb balloons all from Party Pieces.


Rose Gold Orb Helium Balloons x3
36″ Giant Hot Pink x2
Latex Party Balloons White 10 pack x3
Party Balloons Pink 8 Pack x3
Silver Latex Party Balloons 8 Pack x3

We created the balloon arch the night before, but if you can, try and do it on the day as few had fallen off during the night.

Work out where you want your arch to go and cut the chicken wire accordingly. We cut the chicken wire in half, width wise. I used Command Hooks that stick to the wall rather than nails. I used one at the top left corner, one at the top right before the arch starts to drop and another at the bottom. I curled the chicken wire out on the side to make it look 3D.

I used gorilla tape to stick parts of the chicken wire to the wall to keep it in place.

To attach the balloons to the arch I used clear shipping tape. Cut one stripe and stick to one side of the ballon, cut another stripe double the length and attach to the opposite side of the balloon then sticking the two parts together. The video I linked to above gives a demo. The tail of the tape is then passed through the chicken wire and stays put.

We pumped the balloons as we went because some were pumped large and some were very small to fill gaps and holes.

The tutorial I watched suggested using a mild hot glue gun which I purchased and tried but it popped some of the orb balloons. Luckily I had purchased some before I heard the glue gun trick. The pack created the whole arch and we had loads left over.



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