We flew from London Stansted to Ibiza, just under a three-hour flight plus some minor delays. It wasn’t Pollyanna’s longest flight but it was her first flight being classed as a toddler.

Read my 11 Tips For Flying With A Baby Here.

I was a little bit nervous since she has a really big personality and lots of energy, trying to get her to sit still seemed daunting but she did so well. The flight experience will be up on YouTube on Wednesday.

We arrived onto the island watching one of the most pronounced sunsets from above, arriving for five days in what was going to be one of Ibizas hottest heat waves in years.

We have both visited Ibiza separately for holidays, stags or hen’s and have never explored the old side of Ibiza or anything else the Island had to offer other than beach bars and clubs.
It is something we have both wanted to do for a long time.
After deciding Capri wasn’t going to be our wedding destination, we narrowed it down to one of the Balearic Island’s, with Ibiza being almost a stone throw away it was an easy choice to book our flights and hop over to the sunny destination.

I will do a separate post on the eight Pinterest worthy wedding venues we looked at, and discuss them all in their own post.

But for now, I wanted to share what we got up to as a family on the Island.

After many nights off scrolling the internet and viewing hashtags on Instagram, we narrowed it down to must-see places while we were there.
To our surpise, there were a lot more family-friendly beach clubs than we had expected.

We spent the first hot afternoon on the white sand of CBbC, also know as Cala Basa Beach Club. It is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza.

We spent the day swimming in the crystal clear, turquoise waters that I hadn’t even known existed in Ibiza.
Fishes swam between our toes and Pollyanna was thrown in the air a dozen times.

Daddy helped build sandcastles that were knocked down as quickly as they left the buckets, so Mummy could catch some sun.

We sat with our toes between the white sand, perched on the end of our wooden sunbeds snacking on olives, fries, aioli and bread.
I would suggest booking a table in the restaurant if you have the time and note that the sunbeds also have to be booked and are normally fully booked on the day.

For children it was fine, there was enough room between the beds so Pollyanna could still play and they are close enough to the sea for adults to be able to rest with older children.

Yellow Swimsuit with Nappy*

Also comes in a blue stripe with a cute duck

Our second day was spent at one of our favourite beaches hosted by bar and restaurant Cala Gracioneta in a beautiful cave hidden cove in San Antonio.

Unfortunately, all the sunbeds were already booked but we purchased some towels earlier on in the day and found a palm tree-shaded spot perfect for the three on us.

We stayed on at the beach and had lunch, which was a menu much to my liking. Cheeseburger and chips – although the chips were more like crips, very strange but very tasty.

Portion sizes are so large in Europe that Pollyanna shared what ever we ate for the holiday.

After lunch, we wasn’t too full for our last swim of the day.
The water again was crystal clear, Daddy joined the people diving off the rocks, that surrounded us which Pollyanna loved to watch.

We counted boats and fishes and anything else that surrounded us.

When we got back to our towels Pollyanna snoozed in her whilst we relaxed in the shade listening to the Ibiza chill-out sounds that came from the restaurant just above us.

The beach was full of families and the whole atmosphere felt very relaxed and laid back.

When Pollyanna woke, we were ready for dessert

fresh fruit lollies, strawberry for us

Pink Bikini* ()

Bikinis are great for growing bumps, most of the swimsuits I got were either too tight or my boobs exploded out of them.

Pollyanna enjoyed every last drip of that lolly.
I had to take the stick of her as I am sure she would have eaten that too.

As 4pm came, we sadly had to leave the beach to view more possible wedding venues.

Come back tomorrow to read about Ibiza Old town and the best viewpoint in Ibiza.


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