A round up of the best wedding venues in Ibiza

I have been engaged since January and I can’t believe this is the first mention of the wedding on my site. Then again I have not even tried or looked at wedding dresses which seems to be the first thing engaged women do.

Our wedding will be in 2021, so we have around two years until our big day, which for me is the perfect amount of time to be engaged.

From the get go we both knew we wanted a destination wedding. Finding the perfect destinion was the hard part.
Enitally we thought Capri would be romantic and I booked us a trip there to wedding plan, however a few weeks before going, I changed my mind which Adam was fine with.

We realised we wanted a Baleric Island. I always visioned something laid back, not over the top fancy, and Capri didn’t cater to that. We narrowed it down to Ibiza and Mallorca, two destinations we have visited but never together. The idea of Ibiza old town has always intrigued both of us and each year we talk about us going.

With a cancel of a hotel and a change of flights, we were off to Ibiza with Pollyanna.
We visited seven very different venues, one which was illegal, one where I would arrive by boat and one with the most spectaclur of views.
Each had huge pros and cons which I will discuss, but I cannot stress enough, if you are planning a destination wedding have a good selection to take a look at because some are the furthers thing away from what they seem on Pinterest.

PLEASE note when reading this that these opinions are my own and based on what we are looking for in a wedding venue. Each persons wedding is personal to them and what we like or dislike may be completely different to what you want


We had arranged a meeting with Cala Basa Beach Club (also known as CbBC) and was very dissapointed to have had a very brief 5-minute quick chat with the lady who dealt with the wedding side of things.
She walked us down the main path, pointed to where the ceremony would be, where we would dine if there was under 100 and another section if there were more. We were never walked through each area and when we tried to ask questions in regards to catering etc, it was all, lets say, brief like we had not planned this meeting a few weeks prior.

We spent the afternoon at the beach club and really enjoyed that but was so disheartened that this was the first place we had seen and we felt like we had so many questions.

Weddings here started from 8pm, like a lot of places in Ibiza as they like to have the day time trade still. Some venues will say it is because of the heat. I personally was’nt very keen on a wedding that late in the day.

The Pros

  • The setting was beautiful, set beneath the trees
  • Offered food stations, the menu was flexible
  • They offered an amphitheater for the evening to carry on later but was never shown this
  • The beach was one of the best beaches, beautiful sand and clear sea

The Cons

  • The beach was very large and public and very close to the venue
  • A very large place with lots of different areas
  • 8pm start


I had seen this all over Pinterest and was so excited to see this venue.
The ceremony section exceeded our expectations and I would have been happy to have a later wedding for that view.
What let it down for us was the after part, for drinks, meal and after-party it seemed more of an anticlimax.

Music had to be low, and could not be outside. A lot of decoration would be needed, and I wasn’t keen on the round style tables.

The perfect thing for us would be to have the ceremony there and go onto somewhere else.

The Pros

  • Could get married with the sun setting behind you
  • The views sold this place for us
  • Held in the most beautiful hotel in Ibiza
  • Would be the perfect place for guests or Bride and Groom to stay

The Cons

  • Nobody would see me walking down the aisle, Adam would but guests would only see me as I was stood next to him. I didn’t realise how much I actually wanted an aisle of some sort
  • The aisle/path I would walk down was rocky and uneven. I even tripped as I practised the walk
  • Guests would be sat on their bottoms, which I did like but not sure this would be suitable for elderly
  • Cushions are included for guests to sit on but I didn’t like the orange colour, I would have prefered white


This was one chosen by Adam, but I had also saved on my Pinterest board. When we first arrived I was taken aback at how different it seemed in person.

The whole vibe of the place was us, and the price was the best out of all of these, but there were a few things that personally let it down for our day. Mainly because I am extremely fussy.

The Pros

  • The cost, very affordable and were open to discussing drink deals
  • We had dinner at the venue and the food was incredible
  • Really happy and friendly staff, child friendly
  • The ceremony happend floating above the sea with a shack like vibe

The Cons

  • Bride would arrive by boat
  • No aisle
  • Was located in the most open space of them all on a public beach
  • The walk back from the cermony to the bar had no walk way and you would be walking over the sand. The sand was more grey and gravel like, rather than beautiful sand.


We loved the feeling we got when we walked into Cala Gracienta. It gave off very boho vibes and was set on a very small hidden cove in San Antonio. We spent the whole day there and came back for dinner to see what it was like at night.
There is nothing I would have to do at this venue, it had fairy lights wrapped around each tree and the tables were square meaning I could have them laid out as I have imagined.

The Pros

  • Set on the smallest beach we have visited that host’s weddings and we both wanted to spend the day by the sea
  • The groom can arrive by boat which I think is really cool
  • The wedding starts around 2:30 pm
  • Very simple grill menu on offer, they have a variety of menu choices but it fits with our simple idea
  • The lady who deals with the venue is also a wedding planner and very helpful
  • Boho chic vibes
  • Friendly staff, cater well to children

The Cons

  • Absolutely no negation on drink deals as we are planning a free bar
  • No control over the beach, people could be sat right under where you do the vows
  • We visited again for dinner, leaving at around 9 pm and there were still people on the beach
  • Thin aisle to walk down


Paissa D’en Bernat is a villa which can be rented for the week, sleeping ten or hired for the evening. It is a venue that you can have just the cermony at or vice versa. Another extermly popular Pinterest venue.

The Pros

  • A insanely beautiful backdrop for the ceremony
  • The sunsets behind where the ceremony takes place
  • Dinner can be arranged by the pool or where the ceremony takes places
  • Benches for the ceremony are supplied

The Cons

  • High cliff top, not suitable for children
  • Wasn’t keen on where the evening/dancing would happen
  • A lot of decoration and work would have to be done
  • The inside of the villa wasn’t our style


This was the venue I had wanted from the get go. Before visiting Ibiza we had discussed having the ceremony at Es Vedra and then go onto somewhere nearby to host the dinner and party.
However after speaking to several wedding planners we were made aware that it is now illegal to hold a wedding ceremony at Es Vedra.
Some wedding planners may not even tell you this, but your ceremony could be shut down or another ceremony could be taking place on the same day.

This didn’t put us off visiting it still which led us to even more eye opening realities. From the road to Es Vedra there are signs letting you know it is off limits, do not enter, your car will be towed away.
We continued down to where other cars were parked and left ours there.

We then had to practically hike to the top, a further 4 min walk in the heat. The view is outstanding and a ceremony there would be a dream. For us that is what it was – a dream. I wanted to still share this venue because people have done it, and I wanted to show you the reality of what goes on behind these beautiful Pinterest images.

The Pros

  • The most spectacular view in Ibiza
  • Perfect for sunset views

The Cons

  • The police can shut down your ceremony
  • I cannot imagine the cost of what a wedding planner, willing to do this would charge
  • Guests and Bride would have to hike
  • Unsafe for children
  • No shade


We had plans to visit Cotton Beach but cancelled as it was our last day. I wanted to share this venue still as a chance for you to investiagte for yourself.
We spent two days at the beach club and loved the beach it was set on.


Babylon Beach was the last venue we visited for lunch. The venue would have been perfect if we didn’t have so many children. It too had boho vibes with a modern twist.

The Pros

  • Incredible setting and really fits our personality

The Cons

  • High drop into the sea, unsuitable for children


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  1. Sarah Foreman
    July 22, 2019 / 8:51 am

    Hey! My friend sent me the link to your reviews on the Ibiza weddings as I’m just starting to think about planning mine and I also want a wedding in either Ibiza/Mallorca! I think she’s giving me a kick up the bum as I had a baby 10 months ago and now need to focus on planning a wedding.. scary thought tho! Are you able to give me any idea on prices for these venues so that I can see if it’s affordable for us? Before I start the long process of emailing and planning a trip to view them! Particularly Cala Gracioneta? Thanks, Sarah x

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