On one of the heaviest down pours the UK has seen all Summer, through thunder and lightning we left on our eight hour road trip to Dordogne, France.

After hours of delays at the Euro tunnel and feeling like the four of us were never going to make it, we arrived to another not so sunny destination, Dordogne, France.

It was the first time we had taken Blue away with us and he had no idea what was in store for him.

Both Pollyanna and Blue were a dream on the journey.

We stayed with my Brother and wife for a few days before heading into Spain.

With the weather not on our side, we visited Thiviers Market, a small local French market placed in-between the rolling country side.

Any type of market in any country is one of my favourite things to do.

Hand in hand we looked around the side by side local stalls, that sheltered us from the rain

The freshest produce all sourced locally

Thiviers is best known for their foie-gras, which Adam couldn’t wait to snap up

Thiviers market is a food market, much to my disappointment as I was hoping for lots of clothing and house hold goods.
I’ll touch on the best town for that in a later post.

However, a few days in the rain, there isn’t much else to do apart from eat.

Even Blue enjoyed some of the delicacies that were under the tables

Make sure you stop by the patisserie and some breakfast at a local cafe

These Leather Sandals have been the most worn shoes of Pollyanna’s summer, and come in so many other colours

Mini White Sandals (gift)

We let Pollyanna out of the pushchair so that she could stretch her legs around the cobbled streets, outside the old 12 century built church.

Make sure you look out for the devilish carvings on the columns of the church

Umbrellas back up, we left the market behind and headed back to the chateau, full up and content.

You can explore the market every Saturday,

Go hungry!

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