A good bed is just as important for our animals as it is for us

Since Blue was a puppy he has had a Lord Lou dog bed.
We watched as he sunk into his thrown and then practically out grew it, in a blink of an eye.

We still have his blue throne which takes centre stage in our kitchen.

A little worn and torn where we have taken it from house to house through moving.
It got through teething and was even shared with Blue’s Cousin who is a Doberman.

This time around we wanted Blue to have his own place in the living room as well as the kitchen.

I had hoped I would be writing this feature as a living room feature but that one is taking its time.

We went for a medium-size both times. This time lighter in colour, which I was worried about because of Blue being… well Blue. But his hair does not show up on it like I thought it may.

The detailing has a very french/antique feel to it which fits right in

I compare it to a hotel bed for dogs.
You know that feeling when you visit a really nice hotel and you had such a great nights sleep you want to check where they got the mattress from, and the pillows and the duvet.

Just look at that cushion

The bed is so good, Blue has to share it with this tush too

But he doesn’t mind because there’s enough room. I’m not sure he will feel the same when the new baby joins them too


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