Margate’s Sunset

Margate has one of the best sunsets in Thanet.

In the last post, I shared with you Ramsgate to Broadstairs.

One cold day last month we wrapped up warm and headed over to Margate, along with Blue for a play on the beach as the sunset.

We watched as the sky turned from a bright blue to a burning orange.

Pollyanna is wearing a coat (unfortunately out of stock but they have lots of )

We threw pebbles for Blue. He’s never been a ball dog.

Throw a ball and he will blink aimlessly at you, but throw a piece of white chalk or pebble and he will go crazy for it.

He loves the beach as much as we do.

He gets the joy of going in the sea at any time of year though.

The sun set lower, disappearing behind the sea and our hands grew colder.

In hopes to warm us up, we had a little spin and dance on the sand.

It wasn’t long before the sun had completely disappeared.

I whisked Pollyanna up into my arms.

Smothered her in kisses and whispered “let’s go get pizza”

Black Coat, Pretty Little Thing

, Prada inspired and such a bargain

We popped across the road to GB Pizza. The restaurant alone deserves its own post.

We had called several times to book a table but had no such luck.

So we grabbed a table outside, Al Fresco style.

Within minutes of ordering, staff came outside and offered us a table inside after having a cancellation.

For starters, olives.

And after being told there was a 45-minute wait, like magic our pizzas arrived within 15 minutes.

Margaretta for me and Peperomi for him.

Pollyanna shared with both of us.

Savouring every last bite.

I love a good pizza pun.

We finished up and took a walk along the harbour.

As darkness fell, the sky still glew.

Even the moon was out to play.

We strolled along to the end of the lighthouse.

The boats floated on the calm sea, under the soft glow of the crescent moon.

This is a pretty iconic photo for Margate. Margates Arlington house in the distance, with Dreamland, rides next to it. In front of its best skyline.

We made our way back home. Bellys full and all content.


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