Corner House, Minster

On Thursday night Adam and I dropped Pollyanna and Alfie off to my sisters for the evening and headed out for a date night at Corner House.

Corner House is our favourite indulgence and it is typically the restaurant we choose for almost every date night. I have no idea why I’ve waited so long to share it with you all.

Welcome to, Corner House in Minster.

Step inside the intimate restaurant, set in a little village in Minster.

Greeted by the most perfect quaint bar.

Two large dining rooms (both of which were completely full, but I took these images at the end of the evening).

One to the right, which leads out to a garden.

We were walked to our table to the left.

Past the kitchen where you can see the chefs working hard (again taken at the end of the evening).

We were seated on a candlelit table for two, under the exposed wooden beams.

Log fires, raw brick walls which hung local artists work which you can not only admire but also purchase.

It feels like being invited for dinner into someones home.

The menu changes regularly to incorporate the best local seasonal produce.


Whilst you browse the menu, warm homemade rosemary bread is placed on the table with salted butter and a pumpkin seed pesto.

Personally I was very sad that they had changed this from the homemade sough dour, as I normally order it twice. I’ll just have to try my hand at making my own since they have it in their cookbook.

I’m a creature of habit so I knew straight away what I was going to order.

Each table was filled with guests chattering away.

We started with a chilled bottle of Cotes de Provence

My chap filled up my glass.

Then quickly got back to persuing the menu.

We clinked glasses to what we believed was a very well-deserving date night indeed.

Which I don’t think could be any more true. Not only did this Mumma need a good nights sleep, but this wine went down a treat.

First up, starters.

For me, I chose a selection of nibbles.

Proper pork scratchings, placed in apple sauce

The perfect crunch. The bitter apple sauce balances out the saltiness of the pork and leaves the best flavour in your mouth.

Along with sausage roll’s which are the Corner Houses twist on your typical sausage roll with more sausage than pastry.

For him, twice-baked souffle. Smoked Winterdale Shaw cheese and Biddenden cider onion relish.

I barely noticed the course change from starters to mains in between the chatter and laughter with Adam.

For mains, we both went for the steak, but two very different steaks.

His was a prime cut of rib eye steak served to Adams liking, rare and red as can be.

As tender as you can imagine, brushed with garlic, shallot and thyme rub.

Served with triple cooked chips, and tomato and salad to balance it all out.

Adam added on the creamed kale and bacon.

Homemade mushroom and tomato sauce on the side.

You’ll want the mushroom sauce along with chips every time after trying it.

I prefer a steak that isn’t fatty so chose (and always choose) the Corner House flat iron steak.

I would go as far as to say it is the best steak I have ever had. For someone who hates a fatty steak, this is just everything and more.

Juicy and richly flavoured shoulder cut served Medium.

The cut lays smothered in a beef jus which will leave you wanting to lick your plate.

Served with beef dripping carrot.

And tenderstem broccoli.

If the beef jus isn’t enough for you, add on the green peppercorn sauce. Another staple that should always come with a steak and doesn’t always in other restaurants.

The question is are you a dipper into the sauce or a pour over-er?

The concentration on that face ^ its serious work.

You shouldn’t have the steak without adding on some triple cooked chips.

They are the perfect pairing for scooping up the rest of the jus or sauces.

Adam also couldn’t resist mine after cleaning up his own plate.

When the waiter asked if we had enough room for dessert, we hadn’t, but it is basically a rule that you can’t leave the Corner House without having had two scoops of there honeycomb ice cream.

So we abided, and I ordered two scoops.

Does that not make you want to lick the screen?

Adam chose the Kentish gypsy tart but added on a scoop of the honeycomb ice cream. I told you it was serious business.

Absolutely delicious and I am pretty sure the recipe for this is also in the cookbook.

We chatted and laughed the night away.

It was nice to be able to have a conversation, gazing into his eyes rather than have my mind on ten other things with the children.

The candle burned down as the night drew to an end, reminding us how long we had been sat at the table talking for.

We said our thank you’s to the tentative staff and headed out into the March cold air.

Leaving the glow of the house behind.

Until next time.

Make sure you book ahead.

This can be done online here

or call 01843 823 000



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