Paultons Park, Peppa Pig World

Since we introduced Pollyanna to Peppa Pig, she has been crazy about the little pink pig. Hence why her party theme was Peppa Pig.

So for her second birthday, we drove down to Hampshire to the World of Peppa Pig at Paultons Park.

We stayed in a nearby Holiday Inn for the night (for £34) so that we could get to the park at opening time and make the most of the day.

Within moments we were transported from earth to TV land.

Surrounded by pastel houses and flying helicopters.

Truly a child’s dream.

The wind was furious which meant the closure of some rides. We raced towards the nearest one that was open.

Daddy Pigs car ride.

Ours was a beautiful orange, and luckily it had a roof, saving us from the dusting of rain which just began.

Beep, beep, straight through the traffic lights. Exploring the world of Peppa Pig in one of Daddy Pigs cars.

Pollyanna took it all very seriously.

The rain continued, getting heavier and heavier.
Lucky for us we were prepared and had our rain macs.

We bounced back and forth on George’s Dinosaur Adventure.
My personal favourite.

We danced in the rain over the zebra crossing towards Grampa Rabbits Sailing Club.

paired with

A gentle spinning boat ride, which was home to some real ducks.

The rain then became torrential, we ran for cover in George’s Spaceship Playzone, which is soft play heaven for the little ones.

Climbing structures, tubes and slides and Peppa’s recycling centre.

After using up most of my energy climbing around the soft play we decided it was time to brave the ran and venture back out.

We got soaked on Granpa Pigs Boat.

Then decided whilst it was quite to pop over and meet Peppa and George in the gift shop.

Pollyanna was surprisingly shy this time.

Of course, we couldn’t leave the gift shop without being suckered into getting something (and its always my fault, not Pollyanna’s).

A Peppa Pig umbrella, not only was it useful but had Pollyanna singing “rain, rain, go away” for the rest of the day.

Soaked through it was time to jump on the rides which had opened after the wind had settled down.

Peppas Big Balloon ride.

Miss Rabbits Helicopter ride.

We ended the day with The Queens Flying Coach Ride.

It may have poured all day, our fingers cold to the bone and clothes stuck to our skin, but we were still smiling.

Peppa Pig World we will be back, but next time the sun will be shining.

I have added some of my tips for visiting the park in my You Tube video.

Book your park tickets here

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