Sticky Slow Roast Lamb

In our house we don’t save lamb for Easter, its a meat we tend to eat all year round.

I have been spending more and more time in the kitchen during isolation and I am really enjoying it. As is Adam who normally does all the cooking.

Today I threw together a really easy Sunday dish, perfect when you have people over and want to impress or if you have little ones running around your feet.

This will be the easiest lamb you will ever cook. The easiest roast of them all.

It’s sticky, sweet and fall of the bone, delicious lamb.

No carving knife needed this Sunday, just your forks.

Served with your best Sunday sides. I went for mash potato (for Adam), roasties (for myself), broccoli and peas.

This meal needs time, it needs to cook slowly in the oven for a few hours. So timing is key, work backwards from what time you fancy dinner and go from there.

It’s a total of 4.5 hours in the oven and I like to let my meat rest for about 30 minutes before serving too. Making it a total of five hours.

You will need;

A shoulder of lamb (about 2kg)


Olive oil

Salt + pepper

A glass of red wine

5 cloves of garlic, peeled

1 bottle of sweet chilli sauce

Preheat your oven to 140 degrees and start prepping your lamb.

Pop your lamb into a casserole dish. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, we didn’t, so I just used a tray and covered it with foil when needed.

Use a sharp knife and piece 8 holes all over the lamb.

Push a piece of rosemary into each of the holes.

Grind a fair amount of salt and pepper all over the joint.

Pour a glass of wine into the bottom of the tray and throw the garlic in. Place your lid on or cover with foil. Make sure to use two layers of foil each going in across and over. Place it into the centre of your oven.

Set your timer for three hours, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

When the timer goes off, take out the lamb, remove the lid or foil. Pull out the rosemary and pour your bottle of sweet chilli sauce all over the lamb.

Cover as much of the lamb as you can.

Leave the lid off (or foil) this time and place back into the oven.

Roast for an hour and a half. You can leave it in for longer if you think it needs a little more crisping up. An hour and a half was perfect for us.

When the final timer goes off, take the lamb out and leave to rest on a plate. I left it for 30 minutes. Gave it with foil again to keep it warm.

This gave me 30 minutes to prepare the sides.

Sides include the red wine gravy that was cooking around the lamb. Make sure you skim off the fat on top. With most of the fat gone, pour into a gravy boat. Let it sit for a few minutes then pour off any more fat that comes to the top again.

This makes for the perfect sauce to drip over the lamb and roasties.

The lamb will be so tender it will fall apart on your plate.

Serve up and allow your guests to pick their sides from the bowls and pull apart the lamb themselves.

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