Wood Bench – Bedroom Update

I thought it was about time to show you a little bedroom update. In fact, I don’t believe I have shown you the bedroom yet. Since our new wooden bench has arrived, I think it’s a good excuse to show it off.
For those who have not been following along over on YouTube, our house renovation is now complete. Apart from the garden which is coming to an end this week.
However, the third floor has been finished and that just leaves us to fill the rooms. Which sometimes I find is the hardest part – it takes time to find forever things.

I have come a long way since my first flat four years ago. In that flat I didn’t have the passion for making a place a home, it has even taken me time in this house to understand what I really like, what makes me happy and the colours and combinations I love.

Out with the grey and in with the white. Take into consideration this room is in no way complete. I love the simplicity of white walls but this room still feels very clinical.
I am slowly adding in some wooden pieces to warm it up. Starting off with the Bazar Bizar Uluwatu Wood Bench gifted to us by Wayfair.

I really love rattan and wicker and want to introduce those into this room, but along with perfection and simplicity. I have to be careful and not add too much. It has to have a good balance.

Side Tables, Noa & Nani
Baskets, Matalan

The wooden bench is just what I have been looking for, after constantly pinning them onto my Pinterest board. Not only does it blend really well with the white wooden bed, that I know we will have forever but it’s a piece that works outdoors too.
When the weather picks up we can drag it out onto the balcony, have breakfast while looking at the sea.

The quality is impeccable, yet feels worn like, the grooves and chips mean it’s not perfect which makes this piece work so well in this room. The piece was handcraft in Indonesia and came wrapped in recycled packaging made from plastic that had been recycled from the Ocean.

Made out of solid wood, teak wood with seagrass wrapped around the lengths to make a comfortable bench. A natural variation.

Next on my list for this room is a large wooden mirror, one that looks worn or antique.

A good bed set, along with pillows to style the bed.
Then I would love to hang a rattan chair in one of the corners next to the by folding doors, it has sea views so it would make for a lovely little nook.



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