The Best Home Cooked Chips

Everyone wants to be able to make the best home-cooked chips, right?

Anyone who knows me knows, I know my chips. (phew that was a lot of ‘knows’).

I’m the type of person to judge a restaurant by how good there chips are.

So for me being able to make the perfect home-cooked chips was the first thing I learnt while living away from home at University.

The key to these is a fat fryer.
This is an updated version of my one. It has lasted me over five years.
I would love to try the ones which are ‘better for you’ using less oil to see if they are up to scratch. But we only have these every so often, they’re a real treat for us.

You will need;

A fat fryer filled to the max point with vegetable oil

Potatoes (I always use Morris Piper potatoes)


Pre heat you fryer to 185.

Start by cutting your potatoes lengthways.

When your fryer has reached its temperature (normally a light goes out to let you know) place the chips in the fryer.

Set a timer for 20 minutes, giving them a stir halfway through.
Remember this is for medium-sized thickness chips, if you are doing thin chips it won’t be as long.

When the timer goes off, place a piece of kitchen roll in your colander before putting your chips in and give them shake to get any excess oil off.

Remove the kitchen roll and sprinkle a nice amount of sea salt over them giving them another good shake.

Perfectly golden, fluffy in the middle chips.
The best home-cooked chips you will ever taste.

People will be begging you to make them these chips when they come to visit.

Just make sure you’ve also got some chip shop vinegar in the cupboards.



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