Time For Ice Cream

After almost nine weeks in isolation, the UK is slowly coming back to life.

Shops are dusting cobwebs off the locks and opening up, bars are opening for take away beers, restaurants are offering take away lunches and even deliveries to keep their lively hood afloat.

When we got the news that our favourite Ice Cream Parlour had reopened for takeaways, we couldn’t resist – it would be rude not to visit, right?

Strolling around the seaside hand in hand until the neon signs drew us over.

A parlour that would normally be full to the brim of romantic couples hand in hand ready to share, children covered in sand eating sundaes or puppies slurping up their doggy ice cream (it’s really a thing around here).

For now, a queue forms down the side, a reminder that Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon.

Restrictions have been put into place to try to keep everyone safe.
Queuing with a two-metre distance has become second nature to us.

When it’s for ice cream from our favourite pink parlour, we certainly don’t mind the wait.

Can you tell we’ve not had real ice cream for months…

Doing what we can to speed up the waiting time in the shade.

Floral Dress // Brown Sandals
Stripe Romper // Cardigan // Espadrilles

As we reached the front of the line, we decided from the chalkboard who was having what flavour.

One mint choc chip.

One Chocolate.

One Mr Whippy, please.

We stood overlooking the beachgoers, the ones brave enough to swim in the cold sea, leaping over waves.

Seagulls soared around us, desperately waiting for the chip shops to open.

Eventually falling down onto a bench to share each others ice cream.

Although, I’m pretty sure Pollyanna got the best of the deal.

She wasn’t impressed when I told her she had to let me have some of hers now…

And somehow, just somehow she ended up with both.

Did I mention it had been months since real ice cream?

Scroll back up, just look at that little face again.

Yep, I well and truly lost this time.

Ice creams almost finished, some of us far to full for dinner, we headed home.

This really was a slice of heaven in what has been the toughest of weeks.
It’s taught us not only to hug a little longer when we can again but to appreciate the little things that have always been there.

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