A round up of some of the best items for a girls bedroom. These in particular are some of our favourites for Pollyanna’s room.

This has been one of the best things we have purchased recently. For those that follow us over on Instagram know that for almost over a year Pollyanna had gotten into some terrible sleeping habits. Waking in the night and getting into our bed was one of them.
As Christmas Day edged closer, she seemed to be waking up even earlier, around 9pm. Meaning Adam and I barely got anything done. I really wanted to try and break the habit.
I started by putting her back into her own bed as soon as she woke. It took two nights before the waking up during the night stopped. She then began calling out for us in the morning “Is it morning yet mummy”. Which got me looking for a toddler alarm clock.
Pollyanna turns three next month and I know this is a little advanced. It has worked a treat. You choose the times yourself. We have ours set for 7.30am. At 7am the light will glow a warm yellow letting Pollyanna know it is almost time to get up. Then at 7.30am it will turn green and play white noise.

Pollyanna has not once, got out of bed before the light goes green and not because we have told her she can’t. It has trained her to sometimes sleep past her alarm, and the alarm sounds wake her instead. It has trained her to relax a little before jumping out of bed in the morning. Such a good tool to carry with her through life.

I honestly cannot recommend this enough.

Pollyanna has had these on her wall for a while now, easy to apply and even easier to peal off, leaving no marks on the walls.

This was one I never even knew existed until I saw another Mum share it on Instagram. It allows Pollyanna to have a big girl bed. Simply lies on top of her cot bed mattress and pull the sheet over it.
We’ve been using it for about four months, it stays in place and she’s never fallen out of bed.

I got these cute little drawers for Pollyanna’s sunglasses. There already filled but they are stackable. I’m going to get some for my own wardrobe too.

Pollyanna got this for Christmas and loves it. Its sturdy and sits up well with the wings. Just make sure you check the size of you iPad.

Pottery Barn do the bed bedroom items. I love their bed sets both for boys and girls bedroom.



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