Pollyanna will be turning three next week and family and friends have been asking what would she like. I always like to have a good idea of things because it makes it easier for those gift buying and it means Pollyanna will get things she really will love and most importantly make use of. I have put together a few girls gift ideas that you could either shop from or take inspiration from.

Pollyanna’s main present is a Bobbin Bike in Pink, I always like to get her something she will make use of a lot. Last year we got her a micro scooter which she uses daily.

Lots of arts and crafts are always a great idea. I purchased some craft paper on Amazon perfect for rainy days and finger painting.

A game which have been playing with almost daily is our marble run. Even Alfie who has just turned one gets involved and loves it. Its one you can do as a family.

I hope this helps you with some girls gift ideas, if you have any of you own drop them in the comments box.



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