A Scandi Inspired Nursery (Newborn – 11 Months)

Pollyanna came into our lives just over 11 months ago, and somehow I am only getting around to uploading her nursery now. Who knew that having a baby would consume so much of your time. I was naive to think I would be able to work whilst she was sleeping – I laugh at that comment now.

Fast forward 11 months, I think I have finally got this new Mother thing under control (or I like to think so). So here it is Pollyanna’s nursery from 0 – 11 months. I’ve put a date to it as I am already in the process of moving her room around as she is walking now and playing with toys and we need to give her more space in her room in the hopes that she can start spending more playtime in there.

I have said it countless times that Pollyanna’s Nursery is my favourite – it still is. I put my heart and soul into. I painted the walls in Dulux Goose Down while I was 8 months pregnant. I persisted on Adam to get things drilled into the ceilings much to his despair (he hates when I tell him I am going to put up paintings or anything on the walls). I had all my ideas for this room on my Pinterest board and I managed to make it all real, right down to every last detail.

The big furniture, cot, mattress and changing table with drawers are both from in white wood. I liked how square edged this range was, it really fits with the house. I knew I wanted drawers that offered a changing section on top, this is removable so this item can be used when she is out of nappies.

The Boori Eaton Cot Bed is a true investment, it can be transformed into a child’s single bed with the half side up, then a child’s double bed, followed by a sofa. So it is an investable item (despite her teeth marks around the edge).
I had no idea what went into a cot, I hadn’t considered it until the cot was all put together and looking rather bare. I took to Pinterest again (Pinterest is always my go to), I needed a mattress cover,  a (according to everyone on Instagram) and some cushions to fill it. I also considered a cot bumper, but I don’t think they are suitable for new borns.

A canopy for her cot was a must, a grey one to be specific, I found them all over online – a lot of places were sold out but this one was from Scandiborn. They come in so many other colours and I just know we will be using it for years to come, so another true investment.
I wrapped around some wire fairy lights to the inside which was OK while she wasn’t able to move but now its a safety hazard really – not that she has ever got to them. They sooth the atmosphere when it comes to bed time.

Changing Mat – Mamas & Papas

Prints – Desenio
Moon Mobile – Scandiborn

Grey Canopy – Scandiborn

The shelving was a big part of this Nursery after the canopy.
I took this inspiration from Anneli Bush Nursery and purchased the exact same shelf brackets she did because I loved the style so much.
The gold brackets hold up two white shelves bought from a local DIY store. Hanging from them by string is a piece of driftwood that we found on Whitstable beach. We had especially gone looking for some and to this day I cannot believe we found such a perfect piece. I tend to hang clothing that we have to shoot for different brands on this rail – it doesn’t always look this perfect I promise.

Bear Basket – Next
Crystal Shoes – Mini Plum Baby
Shelf Brackets – Trouva
Drift Wood – Found locally
Hangers – Aldi

Another thing that I didn’t think was important for a nursery was a chair, I simply had not considered how often we would be feeding in her room. When my Mum recommended a rocking chair I kind of grunted thinking who has them any more. In actual fact that would have been wonderful on my back.

Pollyanna Print – Walter and May

White Cushion – Dunelm
Ball Lights – Found in Thailand

For storage, I have always been a big lover of baskets. Adam always jokes when I come home with more, I don’t even know where I find places for them, but I always do. I use them to store her blankets and her toys now she has accumulated so many.

Small Basket – Wayfair



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