I have hung Desenio in my home for the past three years, and I am pleased to be able to offer my readers 25% off

I grew up with different art work hung on our walls, and to this day if I see something similar it will remind me of the house we were living in at the time. I think I have taken that little part of my childhood into my own homes over the years.
I have never had bare walls, from a black and white magazine print wall at University to my Paris prints in my first flat where I lived alone.

Since living in our family home I have changed whats on our walls twice in the past year. I get bored of seeing the same thing very quickly and I find that Desenio prints are a great and affordable way of updating your home.
When we first renovated this house, I had a blue velvet theme for the living room and Adam had a blue theme for the kitchen – not planned that we both had blue. I painted the wall in the living room dark Blue and started buying velvet furniture, our blue sofa was second hand but it just wasn’t the sofa I imagined in this space. I wanted a blue velvet sofa, but we just never got around to finding the right one because it had to be quite big to fill the space.

I’ve since completely changed my mind and am reverting back to a more Scandinavian look; Fresh whites and oak wood. Our living room loses sunlight at midday so it is a very dark room.
I’m now thinking of a white sofa, wood, rattan and wicker furniture with a splash of gold.

The Figuratone Poster and Antibes Poster in 70×100 are perfect for the new theme I have in mind. This time I added picture mounts which I think make them look more expensive. I normally go for prints that are bold or photographic but these figure posters are very on trend.

For the kitchen, I also added two prints, a size smaller than the living room ones. I loved the colour tones in these; Path on the beach and Grass By Sea (50×70) they just felt so welcoming and warm and appropriate as we live right by the sea. Again, like the living room posters, I went for the oak frames.

Aside from posters, frames and mounts Desenio also offer picture ledges and I was after these for a long time while planning Pollyanna’s nursery. Since I recently gave it a move around I had room to place three on her walls to hold her books.

There is so much inspiration on the Desenio site, I scroll through it for hours when I’m choosing mine. I am so happy to be able to offer my readers 25% off posters between 5th and 7th February 2019. This does not include frames, handpicked, collaboration or personalised posters.



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