Baby Number 2 On Board

Within weeks of meeting my Fiancé, Adam, I knew I wanted a family with him. As we always said, we wanted it all.
Pollyanna was the biggest commitment to each other we made and every day since her arrival she has brought us so much happiness and moments that I never could have even imagined were possible.
Don’t get me wrong we have our difficult days like everyone, but they are overwritten by the good parts.

We always wanted Pollyanna to have a sibling close in age to her and hoped for two under two. At the end of 2018, we decided we were ready for baby number two.

After five weeks we were blessed with another positive test and baby number two was in full brewing mode. Pollyanna didn’t quite understand the excitement but now gives my belly a kiss and says, “baby”.

After our engagement party where we announced our baby news to our family and friends, we jetted off to Egypt for a week for sunshine and a tiny bit of relaxing as my first trimester has been beyond tiring – very different to my pregnancy with Pollyanna where I had no symptoms. More on my first trimester in another post.

Bump (who we call Pardré, I forget why) is due in October making me 11 weeks pregnant on Wednesday. I understand many people wait till the 12-week mark to announce a pregnancy but having had a miscarriage before Pollyanna and not having told anyone was a very bitter feeling.

What will be, will be, and I will be sharing our journey with you here.

All I know is this baby is going to be very loved indeed.

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