First Birthday Party Bag Ideas

For Pollyanna’s first birthday, we threw a baby sensory party at home with family and friends, you can read all about her first birthday party here.
When it came to creating the party bags for her friends, I found it quite difficult. Ideally finding things suitable for a one or under proved harder than I imagined. I was used to the typical lollypops and sweets in goody bag but that was not suitable this time.

I took to Google and didn’t have much luck, so I racked my brain and came up with some ideas myself.

Make It Friday created nine party bags for the children attending, each with their initial on with a thank you note in gold foil on the inside. Boys had a blue stripe ribbon and the girls had pink. We were able to choose font and colours and were completely personalised to what we wanted.

To fill them I included Ice Cream Bubbles from Little Lulubel, we had a selection of pastel colours and one went in each bag. Kids love bubbles and I found the ice cream shape was really lovely for kids.

My Mini Doodles alphabet colouring books from YoYoMe were included also. I wanted to include something that was fun, and these were placed in the older kids party bags.

We included personalised biscuits from Biscuit Village, these had Pollyanna’s name on and her date of birth and again completely personalised to your choice.

A bag of organic crisps went into the bags as I know a lot of parents give them to their children already. Pollyanna really loves them, we don’t tend to give her a whole bag, instead we give her a few a day.

Each bag then had a teething toy from Match Stick Monkey. I thought the idea of this was ideal, a lot of the babies were teething and its something that they will get used, making the party bags a little more luxurious.

I would love for you to share what items you have put in party bags before?

Party Bags, Make It Friday (gifted)
Ice Cream Bubbles, Little Lulubel (gifted)
Crisps, Organix Goodies
Teething Toy, Match Stick Monkey (gifted)


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