Rainforest Cafe, London

Since Pollyanna was born we have made it a Christmas tradition to visit Winter Wonderland to see Father Christmas (more on that in the next post).

We normally spend at least two days in London, a few days before Christmas. London becomes one of the most magical places on earth around Christmas time so being able to show our children all the wonderful places around the city is a treasured tradition for us.

This year Citadines Apart’Hotels very kindly offered to host our stay which is perfect because their Apart’hotels are located in prime spots close to all the attractions we had planned to see.

For our first night, we booked a table at The Rainforest Cafe.
I had no idea there was one in London until searching online for family-friendly places in London.

We dropped our bags off at our Apart’hotel in Barbican, quickly changed and hopped into a black cab over to the west end.

We had entered a rainforest of adventure, greeted by Tracy Tree

Collected our passport to adventure

Left our pushchair in the buggy park upstairs (you are able to take it down into the restaurant but note that you have to carry it down the stairs, I personally felt better leaving it at the top)

We walked through caves and flower-covered ceilings

Our journey began sipping smoothies while sat upon Giraffes and Cheetahs

After a very short wait, we were taken to our jungle seats

We passed the Gorillas wrapped up in their Christmas scarfs

Under the soaring parrots and their Father Christmas hats

Past the Elephants

Till we reached our table.

Underneath the Jaguar who whips his tail every now and then, in front of the Gorillas who throw their arms around at times and right next to the cascading waterfall. It was sensory heaven for Alfie.

The Rainforest Cafe has an American and International menu that is perfect for adults and children.

For starters, we shared Rio’s Chicken Crunch, crispy chicken strips with a honey mustard dip

Tempura shrimp served with chilli mayonnaise

In between our starters and mains we explored different parts of the restaurant.

Everyone tends to be walking around and exploring the exotic jungle that is around them.

For mains, Pollyanna chose from the kid’s adventure menu which included a palm tree cup the size of her.

Macaroni cheese, which came with a very generous serving of cheese.

Honestly, there was so much going on we could barely get her to eat anything

I went for the primal rib eye steak which came with a mushroom, tomato and a delicious peppercorn sauce.

You get to choose from fries, mashed potato or salad

Of course, I chose fries

Adam went for the dish you couldn’t go wrong with.

Rainforest classic burger. An 8oz beef burger with Monterey Jack chesse, gherkin, onions, lettuce, tomato and burger sauce with fries.

Adam added onion rings, bacon and BBQ sauce

Since Pollyanna is now out of nappies and she drank her weight in smoothies we had to make more than a few trips to the ladies.

It was easily done with bribes to see the fish tank, animals and insanely large moving butterflies that were stuck to the wall.

It wasn’t long before Alfie woke up, just in time for dessert

For Pollyanna, a vanilla and strawberry sundae topped with whipped cream

Who needs spoons when you have fingers?

Adam and I thought we would share the artic volcano

Strawberry and vanilla ice cream

chocolate brownie


caramel and chocolate sauce

fresh banana

finishing off with whipped cream

We ate during intervals of loud thunderstorms and tropical shower sounds which left Pollyanna pausing from eating, placing her hands on either side of her cheek and shouting “oh no, oh no”.

We couldn’t fit anything else in us even if we tried.

We finished up and made our way out through the jungle

Having eaten so much, we thought it would be a good idea to take a short walk into Covent Garen to see the UK’s largest Christmas tree

We whisked Pollyanna out of the pushchair for a quick selfie

Alfie was to cosy to disturb, he had also been given the role of looking after Pollyanna’s baby

It was finally straight back to our stylish home from home (more on our stay in the next post)

And into our festive pyjamas

ale so stock for next Christmas)

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