The English Coast

Before we get to the blue sea of Ramsgate…

Imagine stumbling through the woods and finding a beautifully restored glasshouse, offering afternoon tea (obviously not open due to isolation/lockdown). Imagine no more – I have found it.

I think I have said it before, but we have been so very lucky with the weather here in the UK.

And we are making the most of it.
Well, the most we can in isolation, with our one walk a day.

We are very lucky to live so near to the sea, but sometimes we are reminded just a little bit more on days like today.

I had got myself into a bit of funk this week. Felt rotten and just not good enough for anything. Adam decided I should join him on his daily walk, which I took him up on but secretly was wanting that hour to do some work.

It’s true what they say, sometimes other people know what’s best for you.

We get to the end of the road and ask the same question “left or right”. Sometimes we let Pollyanna decide. Today she wanted to go to the park (there closed but we walk through it).

So left we went through, King George VI park. Sitting high on top of the chalky cliffs. It has coastal walks that wind through woodland and lots of open space.

We usually head along the same trail almost daily, but today we went deeper into the woods.

Finding the Italianate Glasshouse.
A wonderful quaint, and beautiful on the eye glass house offering afternoon tea. I for one cannot wait to visit when isolation ends.

I mentioned earlier on in the year that I wanted to feature more local gems, and I mean it.

We left the green behind and headed straight for the blues.
But the best type of blues there is…

We walked along the coast from Ramsgate to Broadstairs.

(old but similar) //

It revived me. I felt brand new again.
Salty skin from the wind blowing salt off the waves. A little sunburnt from the walk that took a little longer.

Some days we get a great sea day. The water so clear you can see the chalk beneath.
It’s my favourite thing to witness. The ever-changing colours of blue, drifting off into the skyline.

You would think it was Greece or the Med if I didn’t tell you it was Ramsgate.

Fishing boats and ships sailing along slowly.

As slow as we walked home, soaking up every second of our beautiful Isle.

I challenge you to talk and walk and find something beautiful.


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