After spending four weeks in City, five visits in a year, visiting 18 arrondissement and 12 hotels in total, I thought it was time to put together a Paris travel guide. 

Paris, the city of lights. This City holds such a special place in my heart. I can remember my first visit at nine and always wanting to go back. Its the most romantic City in the world, yet Ive never been with a man. Instead my recent five visits in 2016 were with my closest friends and my Mum. 


Where to stay: As I mentioned, I’ve stayed in over 12 hotels in the City but I’m going to narrow it down to my select favourite. You can read about all of the hotels I have visited in my Paris travel section. It all depends on where you want to stay or what you want to stay closest to. 

If you’re looking to shop then Mon Hotel. I have stayed with Mon Hotel three times and they never disappoint. The hotel is a few minutes walk from the popular shopping destination Champs de Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe. The boutique hotel offers a home from home feel and happened to be one of the only hotels offering a balcony to sit and have breakfast on.

For a grand experience Hotel Napoleon offers prestige suites that once stayed Marilyn Monroe. The decor is luxurious with spacious room layouts.

A hotel that will take you back in time and fill you with history is Hotel De Vinci. We stayed in the room where the Mona Lisa was kept when the theft of the century took place, of the Mona Lisa. The hotel also has one of the best pools in Paris, tucked away in a cave like experience with sparkling stars in the ceilings. 

Marias is a part of Paris you must not miss and right in the heart of this vicinity is Hotel Dupond Smith, surrounded by 120 private mansions dating back to the 17th century. A perfect place to visit to shop, eat, drink and explore.


Where to explore: Of course there is the typical places which social media bombards us with, but try and put your own twist on things. 

When visiting the Eiffel Tower (between €7 – €17), my best bit of advice is to purchase your tickets online (that will save you over an hour queuing) but take a bottle and glasses with you. Head to the tower just before dark, perch yourself on the fountain walls in front of the tower for the best view. Crack open a bottle and pour yourselves a glass and sip whilst you wait for darkness to fall and the iron lady to light up. It has been the most magical experience to date. There is something lovely about watching the lights flicker, and the beam at the top go round and round the starry night sky. I would also recommend going to the top of the tower in the evening as the City looks its best at night. It isn’t called the City of lights for nothing. 

If you’ve visited Paris a few times and have done the Eiffel Tower views. Why not try The Big Wheel at Place de la Concorde. It gives you the best views for only €12. Its also nice to view the Eiffel Tower from a good height. Again try to do at night.

For the perfect panoramic sunset over the City, head to the Arc de Triomphe (€12). You can check what time the sunsets on your phone, just give yourself enough time to walk up the 284 steps. This is one of my favourite things to do when Im in Paris, give yourself the moment to relax and watch the sun disappear. 

The Louvre (€17) is one of the worlds largest museums. Its a site I’m yet to go inside. Whether you go inside or simply visit the buildings and the historic surroundings, including Tuileries Gardens just in front – its a must. Again another landmark that should be visited day and night. 

Did you know there was only one skyscraper in Paris and you’re able to head to the top? 689 feet high, whizzing you up 59 floors in 38 seconds. Tour Montparnasse even offers a champagne bar on the roof during Summer. The perfect chill out spot.

The Sacré Coeur is a landmark I want to go back and visit. You can enter it from two sides and depending which side you come from, make sure you head down into the town (something we never did). It offers you another panoramic view however the atmosphere here beats all the others. While we were there hundreds of people gathered on the steps below the church, one man sat playing his guitar whilst serenading the crowds of people, people were dancing together on the pavements – young and old. Its a moment to remember. And its supposedly like that all the time.

Disneyland Paris is a short 40 minuet ride on the metro. If you’re planning on heading to Disneyland I would recommend a day in Pairs or vice versa. 


Where to eat: A huge influence in me loving Paris, is there love for carbs!

Pizza is easy to come by in Paris, but its important to find the perfect one. Pizza Vesuvio can be found on Champs-Elysées and sticks to the Paris decor inside and out. If you’re by the Eiffel Tower walk over to café du Trocadéro. A real Parisian cafe, mini round tables side by side, checkered table wear and a wonderful view of the tower. I recommend the Croque-Monsiesur.


Where to party: Paris has the best nightlife. Each time I have gone I always look forward to venturing into their clubs. If you’re looking for somewhere affordable to go try Duplex. Minuets from the Arc de Triomphe (and Mon Hotel). Head to their Facebook page before for free entry and drink deals.

For a larger night life/club scene there are many places to go on Champs de Elysées. I visited Le Queen which reminded me off London clubs. You have to be very dressed up and be prepared to be turned down otherwise. Entrance is around €20 and drinks €15 each.


My Tips for Paris

You can travel by coach for as little as £40 return (sometimes less) check out BusBud.

Walk everywhere. You can walk all over Paris, its the best way to see the City.

Always look up. The buildings are beautiful.

Pre book tickets for landmarks to avoid queuing 


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